Yay, February is HERE!! 


Sorry for the late post but just getting around to it. First thing is first, who watched the Super Bowl? What happened last night?? That was one of the best Super Bowls we’ve ever seen. We were rooting for the Falcons, but we have to give credit where credit is due. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PATRIOTS! 

P.S: What about that 84 Lumber Ad (watch the ad here) 

Second, did you know that Feb 4th was World Cancer Day? We didn´t, and it´s a shame that such an important cause gets lost in the ¨Media.¨ Let´s keep this date in mind for next year and hopefully we can bring more awareness to this.

Let´s get on with this month´s few events around the city, hopefully you can like and share with your family and friends if you see something that catches your eye.

February 7th–

NOLITA – From 7pm- 10pm the Paella Bar Nolita is transported to Spain with incredible flamenco dance and music, guitar playing, hand clapping and plenty of tapas and sangria. The event is Free! 

February 12th–

FINANCIAL DISTRICT – Celebrate Valentine’s Day by cooking a lavish and romantic meal for your loved one. Learn to prepare lobster salad, baked and stuffed potatoes, duo of beef with truffle sauce and a trio of desserts, raspberry mousse, mini red velvet cakes and the classic chocolate soufflé. Class begins at 6pm, click here to sign up!

February 13th–

MIDTOWN – The two day Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is a favorite of dog lovers all over the world that showcases some of the most famous and beloved breeds. In its 141st year. 3,000 dogs will be competing from all 50 U.S. states at Madison Square Garden.  Get your tickets here.


February 14th– Valentine´s Day! 

Click Here to check out a few events going on in the city to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Find some cute ideas for Valentine´s Day by checking out our Pinterest Board


February 18th– Great for Kids! 

FLUSHING- – Celebrate Black History Month with the famous “Wizard of Tuskegee,” Dr. George Washington Carver, who played an important role in the field of botany by making significant scientific contributions. Learn about plants, agriculture, engineering and medicine at this historical workshop at the Queens Botanical Garden. This Event begins at 1pm. Get your tickets here.

February 22nd–

BRONX – Visit the New York Botanical garden for this year’s extraordinary Orchid Show highlighting the orchids from Thailand. An array of blooming orchids in a lush tropical garden will be on display and will surely excite your senses! Get your tickets here.

February 27th– For Children

MANHATTAN – The 2017 International Children’s Film Festival takes place February 24th and runs through March 19th at Venues throughout NYC. Enjoy 4 weeks of film for ages 3-18, and up, featuring new, inspiring, and thought-provoking films about children from around the world. Buy tickets here. 

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