Hello All, we are now in the middle of June and it’s high season for moving, so if you need to move, give us a call ASAP or fill this Free Quote Request. 

Many people asks us all the time how their belongings are being taken cared off on their way to the new destination. When it´s big pieces such as couches, chairs, etc…


Movers use moving pads or blankets. Then they are wrapped with plastic wrap or tape.


For moving your clothes, we can offer packing services and we would use wardrobe boxes which would keep your clothes organized and these boxes are available for renting or to purchase.


Many people to save money put their clothes on plastic bags and carry them as such, if you are doing the move yourselves, but with movers, your belongings will need to go on boxes.


We recommend that you pack as much as you can, and leave the big, specialty items to us. If you are in need of Full Packing Services, then we can handle that as well. It all depends on your needs and we will accommodate each and every one of them.

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