We at All Around Moving Services urge you to make a change for the sake of our planet. Something as simple as recycling your waste helps out a ton. Even small changes around the house and in your daily routine can have a ripple effect: having a big impact in solving this Global issue.

Tips for our children and Adults as well!

  1. RECYCLE: Remember to Sort by Paper, Plastic, and Aluminum

  2. TURN OFF WATER: When not in use during showers or brushing teeth.

  3. START A GARDEN: Learning where Vegetables and Fruits come from, and take care of our Earth by up keeping a garden.

  4. RECYCLE CRAFTS: Make crafts from recycled materials.

  5. SAVE ELECTRICITY: Turn off TV, games, or any other electronic not in use. Remember to turn off the lights as well. 

For Adults: Pick up after yourself and do not throw garbage out your car window. 

 Just make it happen not only today but

every day of the year.


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