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Movers in New Jersey

Moving can be a difficult task, and there are many things to track and remember. After you have found the perfect new apartment or home, our professional group of skilled local movers in New Jersey can help and accommodate your moving needs, whether you are moving long distance out of New Jersey or moving locally.

Let All Around Moving Company assemble reliable movers in any town you may be in New Jersey. We will arrange your move so that you can be sure your belongings have a safe and uneventful ride, and that you are covered by the movers insurance in the event of a mishap. Be also sure that the truck will aim to arrive on time at your house or apartment or office, so your packed boxes and furniture be loaded onto the truck in a timely and organized fashion and as planned.

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Moving Tips

A few moving tips to consider:

  • Packing – Moving involves boxes, tape, and absorbent materials. Order in advance and pack or receive movers full packing services.
  • Cleaning - Often, in order to have the full security deposit back, the apartment needs to be fully cleaned. Ask for a list from your landlord as to what needs to be done in order to fulfill any requirements.
  • Make arrangements for pets - During the move, it might be difficult to keep track of a pet. Either have a trusted friend or relative take care of your cat or dog for the day, or move your animal separately.
  • Elevator Building – Consult with building management if a Certificate of Insurance is required and what are their restrictions for having movers in the building. Reserve the elevator for movers use in advance.


With so many different things taking place, your best bet is to hire skilled movers with a New Jersey moving service company for the actual transportation of your belongings, home and or office furniture. This removes the concern of fitting everything you own into the back of a rented pickup truck or into the trunks of friend’s cars… thus risking severe damage.  The movers are experienced and professional to handle any small or large moving task with the most care.

We provide various moving services.  All Around Moving arranges for international shipping needs to worldwide destinations. Movers load household goods into lift Van or ocean container and have the shipment safely secured for a sea voyage.

Fill out a quote form above, or call to speak to us directly at: 201.840.8999.  Big or small, we do it all!