Here is What You Need To Know Before Moving To Tallahassee

Tallahassee, located in Leon County, is the state capital and arguably one of the best places to live in Florida. As a major hub of education, scientific research, politics, and economic activity in the Sunshine State, it offers many of the allures of a big city without its drawbacks. If you’re considering moving to Tallahassee or going to one of the colleges in Florida, here are a few things you need to know about this city. 

It’s A College Town 

Home to several colleges, expect to find students in the tens of thousands from Florida State University, Florida A&M University, and Tallahassee Community College all over the city.  As one of the top colleges in the country, Florida State University alone has over 40,000 students. The good news about Tallahassee hosting so many students is if you prefer a city with a vibrant nightlife, you’ll definitely find it here.

Job Opportunities In Public Service And Colleges 

There are many job opportunities for anyone planning to move to Tallahassee, but public service and colleges are by far the biggest employers in this city. “Since it’s the capital of the state of Florida, a substantial number of public servants choose to live here. Likewise, many Florida State University, Florida A&M University, and Tallahassee Community College staff and administration live in the city,” according to Evette Dominguez, a blogger at State Of Writing

There Are Plenty Of Young Professionals 

In addition to college students, many young adults choose to start their post-collegiate lives in this city. The median age of all people in this city was 26.9 in 2019. If you’re a young professional yourself or you’re a college student and considering staying in Tallahassee after graduation, you certainly won’t feel out of place in this city. 

Affordable Living 

One of the reasons why so many families and young professionals are choosing to make the Sunshine State capital their home is the affordable cost of living. The current median home listing price in Tallahassee is around $250,000. For comparison, the average house price in the United States is currently sitting around $408,000. 

Similarly, the average rent in this city is $990, which is also below the national average. The cost of rent and housing allows residents to enjoy the perks of a big city without having to pay exorbitant costs to live here. 

Traffic During Football Season 

It is a college town after all. And Florida State University football games are infamous for causing traffic jams in Tallahassee. While the congestion is nowhere as bad as some larger cities, it can be frustrating to try to get around during football season. If you hate traffic jams, schedule your errands on days where there are no football games. 

Gorgeous Beaches

One of the best things about living in Florida is that a beautiful beach is never too far away. For anyone who loves to escape to the beach on the weekend, there are several stunning beaches that are less than an hour drive from the city. A popular choice among residents of Tallahassee is the white sands of Panama City Beach. 

Beautiful Parks 

If beaches aren’t your thing, fret not. There are plenty of other places to escape to in Tallahassee. If you want to get away from the city and get in tune with nature, you can enjoy a day in the Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park. This massive Florida State park boasts a beautiful botanical garden. You could also explore this 1,176-acre park through a hike or bike ride on one of its nature trails.  

Another great option is the Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park. Anyone who wants to pay respects to the ancient Native American temple mounds, see some wildlife or go bird-watching should consider planning a visit to this archaeological site. 

Delicious Local Food

The city’s food scene has benefitted drastically from the growing diversity in Tallahassee. Residents can explore various dining options from local Southern food to Asian cuisine. While there are many restaurants worth trying in the city, the local favorites are: 

  • Cypress Restaurant 
  • Kool Beanz Café 
  • Nefetari’s 
  • Azu Lucy Ho’s 
  • Soup Swift 
  • Sweet Pea Café 

Growing Cultural And Art Scene

For lovers of art and culture, Tallahassee offers several local museums to explore such as the Railroad Square Art Park, Florida State Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Florida History, and the Tallahassee Automobile and Collectibles Museum. 

In addition, there are festivals to look forward to like the Springtime Tallahassee Festival and the Tallahassee Film x Art x Music x Experience Festival or TFFxFAME. 

Four Seasons 

Before moving to Tallahassee, you might want to pack for all four seasons. While winters are not as cold as northern states, you might see the occasional snowfall in this city. 


Tallahassee is a wonderful and affordable place to live for anyone who simultaneously loves big cities and small towns. This Sunshine State city can offer you the best of both worlds.

We hope you enjoyed this blog on 10 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Tallahassee. 

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