Are you planning to move? Or do you want to relocate your office?

Calculating the cost of relocation is an essential part before hiring moving companies. Thanks to new technologies such as Zoom, Google meetings and Skype, our life has become very easy.

moving virtual survey of a home

Today, these applications play a huge role in dealing with moving companies. Virtual Moving Estimates are used when the moving estimate experts cannot visit the property and decide to organize a tour of your property through a video call using the aforementioned apps. All you would need is a cell phone or a tablet!

Through this, the evaluator can see all the products in detail, what things are delicate that will require extra soft packing and padding, the weight and volume of the products, and the number of trucks and labor required to move all your belongings.

What are the benefits of scheduling a virtual moving estimate?

One of the many ways we’re adjusting our operation to better serve you is by providing virtual estimates.

Here are some of the benefits of using our virtual estimating method during these challenging circumstances so we can offer you a moving quote:

1. Avoids face-to-face contact. Distancing yourself from others is still crucial in combating the virus. Virtual estimations reduce the threat of the virus spreading, ensuring the safety and well-being of all persons concerned.

2. More time to go over your moving needs and ask questions. Using applications like Skype or Zoom, the moving specialist  will collect data such as the volume and size of your belongings to properly create a customized moving quote. After the virtual tour, you will receive an email with the moving quotation to evaluate.

3. Less Paperwork. Since the moving specialist is able to view your belongings through camera, the detailed inventory list is made easier and more accurate. You will not need to worry about measuring your furniture or calculating volumes!

How could you book a virtual video moving estimate?

It is very simple! Give us a call at 212.781.4118 to speak with a company representative and request a virtual estimate. Once our representatives have checked our availability, you will be provided with various time slots for you to select what better fits your schedule.

The next step is to wait for our confirmation email and make sure you have downloaded one of the following 3 apps: Zoom meetings, Skype, or Google Meet.

Make sure to have your phone or tablet fully charged and with proper internet connection to facilitate the virtual tour and communication with the moving specialists for the video recording.


Here are quick links to facilitate the download process:

For Android, please click the following links to visit the Google Play store to download:

For iOS, please click the following links to visit the App Store to download:

Frequently Asked Questions – Moving Quotes Virtual Estimates

Is it possible for clients to record their own surveys and send the video to the moving company?

Yes, customers can film and share a video survey if that is more convenient for their schedule or other needs. Our moving specialists , on the other hand, can provide more precise quotes via a live video chat while also recording the video and capturing screenshots with the customer’s permission.

What type of moves are best suited for virtual surveys?

Virtual estimates save time and money by eliminating the need to travel to the customer’s house, making them suitable for all residential or commercial moves. Video Survey may be the solution if a customer is just outside an agent’s service radius, resides in the heart of downtown, or lives on top of a mountain. Speak with our moving consultants today to learn more about this service.

Is it possible for clients to speak with a relocation consultant?

Yes, customers can film and share a video moving survey if that is more convenient for their schedule or other needs. Our moving specialists, on the other hand, can provide more precise moving quotes via a live video chat while also recording the video and capturing screenshots. Book with us, it is very simple. Virtual survey moving quotes are easy to obtain and are accurate, easy to share and safe.

Can users terminate a video survey after it has begun?

Yes, of course. The user has the choice to end the virtual estimate session at any time and cancel agreement for All Around moving to keep the recorded material.

Can moving companies sell personal contact information collected during the virtual survey?

No. All personal details provided during the virtual moving estimate is kept private and is only used by All Around Moving representatives in order to present you with a moving quote.


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