All Around Moving Services Company, Inc. is prepared to arrange a full range of Handyman Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly Services to meet your residential and commercial needs in Miami Dade County and Broward County, Florida. Whether you are moving to a new office or you are remodeling your current office, you can call  directly us today to arrange our services! You can also fill out the FORM below and include a description of your furniture relocation needs. 

1. Office Furniture Assembly and Disassembly Services 

A. Cubicle Assembly 


Miami FL Handyman Furniture Assembly Near Me

Our professional assigned cubicle installers provide cubicles assembly, disassembly, packing, and transport of all types of office furniture. All Around Moving offers experienced professionals With over a decade of training in the assembly processes for a wide variety of office cubicle and modular furniture items, from individual offices to multiple office locations.

Our cubicle installation specialists accomplish an efficient and smooth cubicle installation while paying close attention to our customers’ needs.  Client satisfaction is our top priority. 

Contact us today to discuss your cubicle assembly or disassembly needs, or scroll down to fill out a short FORM describing the services needed.

B. Office Flat Pack Assembly

 Miami FL Handyman Furniture Assembly Near Me

Our skilled professionals provide a full service Office Flat Pack Assembly in Florida. All Around Moving will assign a reliable and insured flat pack assembly company, we provide the full range of flat pack services including assembly, disassembly, and disposal of debris.

All Around Moving has you covered with our qualified and insured technicians, no matter what your assembling needs are. We’ll work around your schedule and complete the task promptly so your Flat Pack furniture is assembled and ready when you need it. Whether you have a small job like a desk and chair for your child’s room, a conference room with a table and a dozen chairs, or a full-scale commercial furnishing with hundreds of desks and chairs, our experienced team will get the job done quickly and professionally.

Our company has over a decade of experience arranging flat pack furniture assembling for satisfied customers in homes, offices, and luxury apartments throughout Miami Dade, Florida.

Call All Around Moving today to see how our trained and skilled Flat Pack assembly team can help you or scroll down to fill out a short FORM requesting for service.

C. Office Desk Assembly 


Miami FL Handyman Furniture Assembly Near Me

An office desk must be functional, organized and easy to use by default. However, it can be very tricky to assemble or disassembly office desks. In this scenario, All Around Moving has trained professionals take care of it. We provide reliable office desk assembly services that are essential to keep your business running and your staff productive while moving. We have the tools, parts, and know-how to get your office desks assembled and ready in time. 

Whether you’re starting off with a brand new office, moving offices, or upgrading your furniture, our technicians have your needs covered.

We know the hustle of starting or moving an office. We offer to work around your schedule to complete the assembly job promptly and safely. Whether you need one desk or a hundred, we provide the careful attention and service that only many years of experience and satisfying customers can bring.

Call All Around Moving today for all of your office desk assembly needs, or scroll down to fill out a short FORM requesting for services.

D. Office TV Mounting 

Miami FL Handyman Furniture Assembly Near Me

Nowadays, remote working and teleconferences are a crucial component of most business. Thus, an office TV is essential to meet virtually and run the business smoothly. 

If you have a new TV that needs to be mounted on your conference room or office wall, we’re the best service provider in Florida: Miami Dade and Broward County  for your TV mounting needs.

Don’t have a mounting bracket, or unsure of which one to get? No worries, we’ll recommend the right one for you and can even bring it with us. Whether you need a fixed mount, tilting, or full-range swivel mount, we’ll provide the proper equipment to get your new TV up on your wall and working.

Whichever brand and type of TV you have, our top-notch professionals have worked with them all and will get your new TV installed fast. Placed perfectly, with no hassles. Our professionals have a level of expertise that is simply unmatched in the city.

So contact All Around Moving and get your new TV mounted right away! You can also scroll down to fill out a FORM requesting for TV Mounting assembly services, today!

E. Workstation Assembly

Miami FL Handyman Furniture Assembly Near Me

Are you considering renovating or relocating your Office Workstation? We arrange a full-service Office Workstation and Furniture Assembly provider with vast experience. 

Whether you are running a small business with a few workstations or you manage a large corporation that has hundreds of workstations, let our professionally-trained Workstation Assembly Technicians set up your workspaces promptly, courteously, and reliably.

Office workstation assembly can be tricky. We have experience in assembling a wide variety of types and brands of office workstations. If it’s not done right, the workstation could collapse unexpectedly. You don’t want to risk wasting any time in getting your office up and running, or with shoddy workmanship that can lead to damage or injuries to your equipment or staff later. Trust the pros at All Around Moving to complete your Office Workstation assembly tasks correctly and efficiently.

Call us today to see how we can get your new office set up fast, or you can fill out a short FORM at the bottom of the page requesting for your workstation assembly services.

2. Home Furniture Assembly and Disassembly Services

A. Home Theater Assembly 

Miami FL Handyman Furniture Assembly Near Me

A home theater can be a great addition to any home. If you have decided to create your own home theater, you should consider hiring All Around Moving’s experts to install your system so you can enjoy it the way it was intended.

We’ll arrange to install, connect, and configure all parts of your home theater. Including, the TV, audio, surround sound speakers, and DVD or Blu-Ray players.

We’ll also demonstrate and instruct you on how to get the most of your new system.

We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques and have more than a decade of providing quality technical installations to homes and businesses in Miami, as well as, in Fort Lauderdale, Aventura, North Miami, Kendall, among others. 

Call us today to see how we can help set up your home theater, or scroll down to fill out a FORM requesting for home theater assembly services.

B. Sofa Assembly 

Miami FL Handyman Furniture Assembly Near Me

Are you looking for Sofa Assembly in Miami? All Around Moving is a full service Handyman Furniture Assembly agency located in Florida. We have vast experience, precision and great customer care.

Our Sofa Assembly experience and skills have helped many clients have their new furniture installed precisely, professionally and with ease. Whether it’s a new apartment, house or condo or a new office, you can count on us for Sofa Assembly that is fast and efficient with high-quality workmanship. You don’t have to worry about a thing – just leave the lifting, moving, and turning to us, and enjoy your new sofa.

Contact us today about your Sofa Assembly project, or you can fill out a short FORM  below requesting for service.

C. TV Wall Mounting 


Miami FL Handyman Furniture Assembly Near Me

At All Around Moving, we arrange and provide professional TV mounting services in and around Miami, just to mention Aventura, Fort Lauderdale, Kendall, etc. Whether you need TV installation on brick, tile, or drywall, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

We’ll mount your TV perfectly and keep those unsightly cables out of sight. We’ll even provide the mounting bracket that’s custom-made for your TV. While we’re at it, we can connect your TV, audio, and home theater.

Want a TV mounted on the ceiling? No problem, we have experience doing that as well. Don’t trust your valuable TV to unskilled hands.

Call the experts at All Around Moving today for all of your TV mounting assembly needs, or scroll down to fill out a FORM requesting for services.

D. Wall Unit Assembly 

Miami FL Handyman Furniture Assembly Near Me

Wall Units are handy and attractive display and storage additions to any room. Whether you need a bedroom, fireplace, living room, TV, or small alcove wall unit, we have you covered. Our versatile Wall Unit designs fit almost anywhere. Meaning, let your imagination guide you in creating a space for your home theater, living room display, bedroom, or anywhere else.

Our Wall Units for the living room media center are designed to fit compactly in the space and complement your home’s décor. In addition, we hide unsightly wiring.

We may build client Wall Units in the kids’ bedroom or playroom that mix beauty and toughness to keep everything organized and easy to find.

Call All Around Moving today to see how we can arrange to custom craft attractive and functional Wall Units for your home, or scroll down to fill out a FORM requesting for Wall Unit assembly services.

E. Modular Furniture Assembly 

Miami FL Handyman Furniture Assembly Near Me

Our Miami Handyman Furniture Assembly services will help you set up your new home or office modular furniture. All of this is done with a minimum disruption. When you’re occupying a new home or office, you want your furniture to be ready quickly and with minimum fuss. 

Similarly, our fully trained personnel will deconstruct and reassemble new or old modular furniture on-site and position it according to your instructions. We don’t consider our job done until everything is in place and set up, all debris has been removed, and your home or business location is clean and ready to use.

We’ll work around your schedule to minimize disruption to your home or office routine. We aim to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Call us today to learn how our Modular Furniture Assembly services can help you, or scroll down to fill out a FORM requesting for services.

3. Home Theater Assembly and Disassembly Services 

Miami FL Handyman Furniture Assembly Near Me

Have you decide to create your own home theater? You may be perplexed and overwhelmed by the process of getting everything set up.

All Around Moving’s certified specialists will visit to your home and quickly install and test your new system. For more than a decade, we’ve been doing just that for happy consumers all around New York.

Our services include: Installation, configuration, and connection of the TV, audio, and speakers. In addition, we offer installation, configuration, and connection of DVD or Blu-Ray player, as well as, connection of the system to existing Wi-Fi network. We can also assis you on learning how to operate and maintain your home theater. 

Trust the specialists if you’re ready to make your home theater dreams a reality. All Around Moving transforms your home theater into a full-color, full-sound experience.

Every home and home theater is different. Give us a call  today to discuss your home theater assembly needs and or scroll down to fill out a FORM requesting for services.

4. Murphy Bed Assembly and Disassembly Services 

Miami FL Handyman Furniture Assembly Near Me

Murphy beds are common in Florida. Many Miami apartments, as well as in Fort Lauderdale, have limited room. Therefore, one popular and creative way to make space is with a Murphy bed.

But while Murphy beds are comfortable and practical, they aren’t always easy to install. In fact, installing a Murphy bed can be a strenuous job that’s best left to the pros.

At All Around Moving, our skilled professional technicians can install your Murphy bed precisely according to your needs and your home’s space. Our team includes installation specialists and carpenters who will inspect and measure the wall, build wall space for the cabinet, and then attach the cabinet securely to the wall. Your Murphy bed will be easy to access and use, and the wall space will look great.

Call us today to see how we can help you setting up the Murphy bed assembly and or fill out a FORM requesting for service.

Miami FL Handyman Furniture Assembly Near Me