Thinking of a big move to Miami? This city is home of the “Champions”, like the Miami Heat, the tropical metropolis that is Miami, Florida is an area where hard work and excellence are rewarded year in and year out. Likewise, All Around Moving shares this same dedication and commitment to arranging quality long distance moving to Miami, Florida from New York. When you are moving to Miami from NYC or anywhere else, call us first!

Like the Heat, we here at All Around Moving Services Company, Inc.,set ourselves apart through our ability to understanding  what the client needs are. Thus, we create, arrange and execute a plan that successfully and safely moves the possessions of the client to Miami. Just like the Miami Heat, we have been the awe and envy of our competition due to a combination of talent, leadership and determination.

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Moving to Miami, FL

We pride ourselves in being a one-stop source for all residential and commercial moving services to or in Miami. Consequently, what defines our success is having performed all types of long distance moving to Miami, Florida.

Moving to Miami Florida is easy with All Around Moving Services Company. Moreover, with quick and fast turn around delivery time, we arrange long distance pick ups from Miami, New York City and surrounding Boroughs. In addition, apart from Miami we also service New Jersey, Washington DC and Maryland, Houston Texas and Los Angeles California.

In brief, no matter, rain or shine, or how long the distance to Miami we offer the best services. Even if you’re moving into a 7-bedroom mansion or a tiny studio apartment, we will find a customized solution every time for the moving services that you need.

Don’t wait until the last minute to move to this wonderful city! Get ahead of the game by calling us now or filling out a quote form to schedule a meeting about your specific moving services needs today.

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New Jersey = Bergen County
Connecticut = Fairfield County
Florida = Miami Dade County, Fort Lauderdale Broward County, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville
Georgia = Atlanta
Maryland = Baltimore
Washington D.C
North Carolina = Charlotte
Texas = Houston, San Antonio
California = Los Angeles and San Francisco / Oakland

About Miami:

Learning Spanish will certainly be an important point for adapting and finding a job in Miami. There is a very large Spanish-speaking population present in Miami (especially from Cuba, 60%).

Renowned for its image of retirees, the city is benefiting from renewed interest from the young population. Miami is considered cheaper than NY, San Francisco or Los Angeles. Even if the weather is fine all year round, be careful of the Miami hurricane season!

Top 3 Reasons to Move to Miami:

1. In Miami, the morning light is enchanting

In Miami, between 7 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., you can go out to your balcony and see, parent’s loading the children’s schoolbags in the car, people getting their coffee at the corner of the street, and people walking to the beach to catch that morning Miami sun. Both amateur and professional photographers love Florida mornings.

2. Fun fact: Winter in Miami lasts between… 2 and 10 days

Winter in Miami, the temperature drops and sometimes approaches zero. You can see people taking out their boots and coats even though it never gets below 45 degrees. People enjoy the change in weather in this city before it getting painfully cold and annoying. A few days later you are back to Bermuda shorts, flip flops and t-shirts that remain the official uniform.

3. Lastly, in Miami, nature is everywhere

The trees are special and protected, the Everglades offers an exceptional playground for lovers of hiking and photo safaris. In Miami, for example, the Coconut Grove district offers an incredible density of trees and tropical plants.

All of Miami is inhabited by many wild animals: a couple of peacocks crossing the road and snubbing you by blocking traffic, an alligator that tans its scales while you cycle with your family on a small path in the Everglades, a raccoon that nibbles on your picnic leftovers…You’re going to live with nature in this city!

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Frequently Asked Questions – Moving to Miami, FL

How much does it cost to move from NYC to Miami Florida?

If you are in the process of relocating to Miami from NYC, you may be wondering how much your move will cost you.

The average cost to hire movers NYC to Miami Florida is around $2,000.00 – $7,000 and more. When estimating the cost of moving, there are many factors that must be considered.

Someone who is moving from and to a 4-bedroom home will incur more expenses than someone who is moving from and to a studio apartment.

You must consider the cost of moving materials as well as the amount of manpower, and time required to complete the move.

Another factor to consider when estimating moving costs to Miami from NYC is whether your move requires the use of special equipment, disassembly, assembly, and unpacking.

When speaking with your local moving company, ensure to express all the details of your move to ensure you receive an accurate estimate.

Is Miami a bad place to live?

Like any major city across the United State, Miami offers a variety of communities and neighborhoods. Miami is certain to offer something that suits your desires whether you are a young professional, growing family, or retiree.

At 4.2% unemployment rate, Miami is slightly higher than the national average. The manufacturing industry is growing alongside the cities large tourism industry.

Greater Miami is home to many national and international companies which could offer a variety of employment opportunities if relocating to this area.

When determining whether Miami is a bad place to live or not, you must determine whether the community that you are considering will meet the needs of you, your family, lifestyle, and budget. With that being said, the Greater Miami area offers a variety of communities that may offer the lifestyle for you and your family, so moving to Miami could be a good choice.

Is moving to Miami a good idea?

Many people considering a move to Miami from NYC and other locations for a variety of reasons. A large portion of those relocating are retirees. Moving to Miami from NYC is an excellent option as it can potentially reduce your overall living expenses. Florida is a state that does not take income taxes. For many, this is substantial and encourages a move.

Another factor many debate whether they should move to Miami or not is the weather. Miami’s coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is just under 60 degrees. In July, the warmest month, the average day time temperature rises to just over 90 degrees.

For many, Miami offers a glamorous lifestyle with access to world class white sandy beaches and non-stop partying.

Miami is a major hub of all things interesting to include media, entertainment, and trade. It is a famously clean city and home to South Beach, the bikini capital of the world.  

What to know about moving to Miami?

Before your move to Miami, you should review these aspects: 

  • Population as of 2020: 486,490 people
  • Median Household Income: $70,110
  • Average House Cost: $385,000
  • Major Industries in Miami:
    • Aviation
    • Banking & Finance
    • Creative Design
    • Hospitality & Tourism
    • Technology
    • Life Sciences & Health
    • Trade & Logistics
  • Zero state income tax

Where should I move in Miami in 2021?

Determining where to live in Miami will have a lot to do with your lifestyle and priorities. Review the following areas.

  • Miami BeachFor many, Miami Beach is the first thing that comes to mind when you mention Miami. The gorgeous scenery, thriving businesses, diverse culture, fascinating art galleries, museums, and architecture all lure potential home buyers to this area. You’ll never run out of things to do in Miami Beach.
  • Coconut Grove & Coral GablesFor those who are more family oriented, consider The Grove and Gables. These areas are brimming with great schools, excellent local restaurants and an abundance of parks and beauty. Of the two, Coral Gables is less expensive.
  • Pinecrest If you’re an investor, you may want to consider Pinecrest. This area hosts $1M homes that can easily reach $6,000 a month in rent, if not more. Pinecrest offers solid market appreciation due to low inventory of homes.
  • Surfside & South of FifthThese areas are developing fast. With the introduction of ultra-luxury condos, it has raised the profile of the neighborhood as well as ushering in a new retail stores to accommodate its residents. South of Fifth offers some of the best condos in Miami.
  • Aventura and Sunny Isles – If you’re more focused on a bargain, this is the area for you. These communities offer a large supply which is good for buyers. Not only will buyers have an easier time finding a home at a more affordable price in the Miami area, but the condos also offer comparable water views at a lower price.
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