All Around Moving understands the complexities of New York residential or commercial moving. You have a variety of challenges from navigating the City itself to traffic and parking regulations, not to mention the possible moving and storage costs. When you’re looking for professional residential or commercial movers in New York City, you want services that won’t be overpriced or find yourself locked into a steeped storage contract. That’s where All Around Moving Services Company, Inc. can help by providing you with exemplary professional movers in New York City for all moving services needed.

Our New York to FL Movers

When looking for movers in New York City, it is important that they are trustworthy to handle your personal belongings. At All Around Moving, we ensure the movers we send are well-trained, thoroughly screened and background checked to provide you with the safest moving experience.

All Around Moving ensures you only have the best commercial or residential move in New York City. For exceptional services that are simple, hassle-free, stress-free, while remaining cost-effective for your budget, call us today! All Around Moving will satisfy and exceed your expectations in an area as extensive and complex as New York. We will plan and execute your local moving in NYC with streamlined efficiency.

Finding reliable and efficient movers in New York City is easy and stress free with us.

Whether you need movers in the New York City or elsewhere in the world, we accommodate all your moving requirements.

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Planning to Move in NYC

We arrange moves locally within the New York City NY area or from out of state such as California, Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut and even Texas. All Around Moving offers a multitude of specialized professional residential moving services.

Before All Around Moving arranges skilled movers in New York city to arrive at your home, we ensure that you receive a fair and accurate assessment of the moving costs. Additionally, we consider the personnel needed, equipment, packaging materials, transportation and time allotted. Whether you’re moving into a small studio apartment or four-bedroom home in New York, we arrange to move all your furniture and fixture with ease and care.

  • Couches
  • Televisions and stereo systems
  • Armoires and bedroom sets
  • Dining room table and chairs
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers

No time is more important than the present to plan your move! Fill out a residential moving quote form to start the best moving experience with All Around Moving. Call us about your specific residential moving service needs today! Call us directly at 646.723.4084 or 212.781.4118. Big or small, we do it all!

Tips for Moving to Florida from NYC

Moving to Florida from New York is a big decision. There’s a lot to think about, including whether you want to move yourself or hire movers, how you’re going to transport your belongings, and whether you’re moving for work or personal reasons. If you’re moving for work, you may have already secured a job in Florida and have a specific move-in date.

If you’re moving for personal reasons, you may be more flexible with your timeline. Either way, it’s important to start planning your move as soon as possible. research different moving companies and get quotes, start packing up your belongings (donate or sell anything you don’t need), and notify your friends and family of your upcoming move. Moving to Florida from New York is a big undertaking, but with some careful planning, it can be a smooth and stress-free process.

Frequently Asked Questions – Movers NYC

How much does it cost to move from New York to Florida?

The expense of moving from New York to Florida can vary based on many factors. In order to determine how expensive moving from NY to FL is, you must consider each of the following:

  • Moving company’s long-distance haul rate
  • The number of movers required and distance between 2 points
  • Time frame it takes to complete the move
  • Moving supplies, materials, packing & wrapping
  • Amount of household items and furniture

If you hire a professional moving company for a long-distance move, you can expect to pay minimum and at least $1,200. The national average cost for a long-distance move is around $4,300.00.

Where do most New Yorkers move to in Florida?

Depending on the type of New Yorker will determine where they consider to move to in Florida. 

Florida offer many appealing options for retirees, young professionals, as well as for families. 

Some areas that New Yorkers move to in Florida are the following:

  • Pensacola: With several military bases in the area, Pensacola is a largely military friendly community with a relatively small population.
    Combine that small town feel with access to white sand beaches on the Gulf Coast and highly rated school systems and this city is a spot for a young family to settle down.
      • Population: 53,800
      • Median Home Price: $136,300
  • Jacksonville: The most populated city in Florida and one of the largest in the country, the city limits here include more residents than other metropolitan areas.
    Finding friends that you can get along with will be an easy task because you’ll have a wide variety of people from all walks of life here.
    If what you’re looking for includes bustling and culturally robust city life paired with a cost of living lower than Florida’s average, then Jacksonville may be the city for you.

    • Population: 880,600
    • Median Home Price: 154,700
  • Clearwater: One of the top destinations for retirees in the country. Clearwater has a close-knit community feel and a slower pace of life. Everything from houses to shopping centers are all located near one another, which makes socializing and getting around that much easier.
    • Population: 114,360
    • Median Home Price: $208,400
  • Fort Myers: This city is rapidly growing and is located a few hours from Orlando to the north and Miami to the south.
    Positioned on the Gulf Coast, the central location give prospective residents of Fort Myers more day-trip options throughout all areas of the state as opposed to someone who is located further north.
    The diverse community is packed with expats and loads of cultural experiences that will expand your horizons.

    • Population: 77,150
    • Median Home Price: $204,100
  • Fort Lauderdale: Being family-oriented and having a thriving job market are a couple of key factors that make Fort Lauderdale a hub for growing families and young professionals.

    • Population: 178,750
    • Median Home Price: $289,300 

Is it cheaper to live in Florida than New York?

It is cheaper to live in Florida than New York. Actually, 79.8% less expensive in most areas.

The median home cost is the biggest factor in the cost of living difference. The median home cost is 177% more expensive in New York. 

Expenses in all the following categories are more expensive in New York than in Florida:

  • Food & Groceries
  • Housing / Rent or Mortgage
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Health
  • Miscellaneous

How much does it cost to move furniture from New York to Florida?

The cost of a long distance move of furniture can vary from one person to another based on each person requirements and list of household items to be moved. Make sure to do your research on movers in New York. It is important to work with a moving company that is both professional and affordable to serve your needs.

A benefit of hiring a professional moving company to move your furniture is that they have the appropriate personnel and equipment to safely and efficiently move your precious furniture from New York to Florida, holding licenses and insurance as needed, and being skilled movers.

Large, cumbersome pieces of furniture can potentially increase costs. Generally speaking, the cost of moving furniture from NY to FL start at $1,500.00 and up. Your furniture may require more time to move and additional workers and services. Ask if the moving company charges additional for handling bulky items, for an example, and get your customized quote for the furniture move.