For best moving experience, All Around Moving understands the complexities of residential moving in the New York City and Tri-State area. There is a variety of challenges regarding residential moving to New York City that you should know; navigating the area, traffic and parking regulations, possible residential moving, and storage costs. When looking for professional residential moving services to New York City, we deliver without overpricing you or locking you into a steeped storage contract.

Simple, hassle-free, and stress-free are words that define All Around Moving. Our professional residential furniture moving services to New York City are cost-effective and customized to your needs.  Your custom residential moving plan will exceed your expectations without exceeding your budget. We handle and arrange all types of residential moving, whether you’re moving into a studio apartment or a  six-bedroom home.

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Moving Services in NYC

The best moving experience is guaranteed regardless of whether you’re moving from out of state such as California, Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Texas or elsewhere. All Around Moving Company will arrange you to get moved successfully to your new home in New York City. In brief, here are some of our specialized moving services.

  • Local moving
  • Long distance moving
  • Storage Units
  • Packaging and shipping materials
  • Disassembling and Reassembling services

Prior to choosing the best skilled local residential movers to arrive at your home, we ensure that you receive a fair and accurate assessment of the moving costs. Additionally, we consider any personnel needed, equipment, packaging materials, transportation and time allotted. We won’t stop until your last box of possessions is safely in your new NYC home. All Around Moving works with you every step of the way with our esteemed professional residential services.

Disassembling and reassembling services are offered by All Around Moving in NYC. This is especially useful when moving to a new apartment or house. The process of disassembling and reassembling furniture can be very time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you have a lot of furniture. By hiring a company to do this for you, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle. In addition, we offer discounts for customers who use their services for both disassembling and reassembling. As a result, it is often more cost-effective to use a company for both tasks than to try to do it yourself.

No time is more important than the present to plan your move! Therefore, fill out a residential moving quote form below to start your moving experience with All Around Moving. Contact us about your specific residential moving services needs today!

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Additional Areas Served:

Commercial Space for Storage, Packing Materials & Boxes, Local and Long Distance Movers
New York = Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, Staten Island
New Jersey = Bergen County
Connecticut = Fairfield County
Florida = Miami Dade County, Fort Lauderdale Broward, West Palm Beach
Florida = Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville
Georgia = Atlanta
Maryland = Baltimore
Washington D.C
North Carolina = Charlotte
Texas = Houston, San Antonio
California = Los Angeles and San Francisco / Oakland

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Frequently Asked Questions –  Moving to New York City, NY

Is moving to NYC a good idea?

Moving to NYC is something to be considered. Especially if you are moving to NYC from a smaller place. This is a city of extremes and might feel overwhelming to some. But for many, moving to NYC feels exciting.

Planning will make moving to NYC a good idea rather than a nightmare. A part of planning includes understanding how the change will impact your budget. Doing research will make your move much smoother.

Why do people choose to live in NYC?

There is no other place in the world like NYC. The fast pace, the buzzing traffic, the hustle, and bustle of the people, the 24-hour life, and the creative spirit makes NYC one of the most vibrant places in the world.

If you move to NYC, living in the city affords one the opportunity to live a lifetime in a day. From a morning run in Central Park, to some of the best food imaginable in the afternoon, to an evening watching world-class theater and comedy. New York really can be like the movies. There is always something calling if you just say ‘yes.

The city is always filled to the brim with locals walking around going about their daily lives and the wide-eyed tourists excitedly taking pictures of the beautiful surroundings.

There are so many reasons to list. It is easy to see why people choose to live in NYC.

How is living in Manhattan?

It’s no secret that living in Manhattan is expensive. Living in Manhattan costs 50% more than the American average. Residents can expect to pay “New York City prices” on just about everything, from groceries, to utilities and rent, to personal services.

It is primarily a family neighborhood- lots of public and private schools, Columbia University, museums right there as well as east, south and north of you. Central Park a few blocks away. Affluent and Cultural are words that come to mind.

For a single person to live comfortably, it is suggested to earn at least $150,000. If you are a couple with children, 200-300,000 is recommended.

How much should I save before moving to New York City, NY?

In the process of moving, many will wonder how much should I save before moving to NYC. The numbers can vary considerably depending on your particular circumstances.

It is highly suggested that you save a minimum of 3 months of rent and monthly expenses prior to moving to NYC. The average room rents for under $1,000 a month. If you require other accommodations, it’s easy to research rent prices in the potential area you will move to plan accordingly.

Factor anticipated monthly expense to prepare for renting in NYC to ensure an appropriate amount of money is saved prior to moving. Depending on your own needs, the actual amount may differ.

For a single person to live comfortably, it is suggested to earn at least $150,000. If you are a couple with children, $200-$300,000 is recommended.

What do I need to know before moving to Manhattan?

Learn to love the sound of honking horns

  • The city rings twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week of a relentless blaring chorus of car horns, pedestrians shouting, and construction equipment. You’ll eventually grow to appreciate the cities unique sounds and ambience.

There’s no such thing as living on a budget

  • Unless you plan to starve yourself and spend each night locked away in your apartment, saving money while living in Manhattan tends to be difficult.

A trip to the subway is better than any show on Broadway

  • It’s not unusual to find yourself captivated by a talented street performer dressed in eccentric costumes during your commute to work.

There’s no such thing as personal space

  • When walking down the street, expect at least seven people to crash into you. This should not be viewed as a hostile or aggressive act. Rather, trick yourself into believing that it’s a friendly gesture and go about the rest of your day.

Avoid Times Square at all costs

  • Times Square is meant exclusively for tourist, and therefore, it should be avoided whenever possible. After you’ve become accustom to all the bright light and street performers which tag along the expense of the experience, you’ll learn to avoid it.