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The living room is the most visible area of the house, so you need to keep that space decorated. When we think about decorating a room, the first thing that comes to mind is wall decoration. You should start by decorating the living room walls of your home. Here from Interiorcraze are some of the best ways to decorate your living room walls:

A Huge Full Wall Painting For Your Living Room

If you want a statement for your living room then you can have a huge wall painting that covers an entire wall. This would be bold but beautiful at the same time. Everyone would praise the painting for sure and this would make the living room wall look the best.

A Picture Gallery Would Be Lovely

If you want your guests to know about all of your family members then you can create a picture gallery on the living room walls. Here you would have to place a picture of each of the family members with a short introduction. You can add some others of the best family pictures as well on the living room wall.

Antique Wall Décor

If you love the atmosphere of antique things in your home then you can dedicate an entire living room wall to antique decorations. Here you can display some antique decorative items on the wall of your living room which would make it look amazing. If you want to add some vinyl elements to your wall, you will need a useful vinyl cutter.

Fabric Wall Covers For a Wall Would Be Great

The addition of fabric would be great to enhance the look of the room. Many people love to have fabric decor as that creates a warm surrounding. You can hang a huge rug on one wall.

A Fancy Hanging Mirror Would Be a Good Addition to The Living Space

A mirror is the best addition that one can think of for decorating the wall of a room. You can have a mirror hanging on the wall of your living room. This would create an illusion of a huge space and at the same time, it would also make the wall look great.

Have an Art Wall With Some Creative Drawings

living room sofa with painting on wall behind it

If you know someone who knows how to sketch beautifully, then you can ask that person for some drawings. You can hang the drawings together on the living room wall of your home. This would be the most beautiful corner of your entire home. “Much here will depend on your own taste, but you may not wish to go too outlandish if you’re looking to rent or even sell the property,” comments Ruban Selvanayagam of UK real estate auctioneers Property Solvers.

Wall Shelves Would Make the Room Look Beautiful

Shelves are very important and apart from making the living room walls beautiful, they can also be used in different ways. You can attach some shelves on the walls of your living room where you can put some of your essentials. You can also put some décor items on the shelves.

Hanging Plate Décor For Living Room Walls

living room sofa with plates hung on wall behind it

This wall décor idea for your living room is very unique, and here you have to put a bit of effort as well. You have to choose some of the best plates in your collection that you don’t use. Then hang the plates on the wall. You can hang as many plates as you want and the wall would look stunning.

Wall Hanging Plants For Your Living Space

Plants would not just make your surroundings fresh but they would also decorate the space. Here you can go for some wall hanging indoor plants that would make the walls of your living room beautiful. There are so many indoor plants that you can choose from.

The Textured Wall Is an Art Form

Wall textures are very common nowadays and this is a form of art in itself. The wall textures look so beautiful that you would not have to get anything else as living room décor. You can choose from different types of wall textures, as there are many options here.

Add Dream Catchers on The Wall

Dream catchers are one of the most beautiful things that you can have in your home. These would always bring positive vibes to your home. You can hang a dream catcher on the wall of your living room. You have a lot of options in this case.

You Can Go with Some Beautiful Stickers For The Wall

There are so many stickers that you can get to stick on the walls of your living room. These stickers are very affordable and you can change the stickers as you like. You can also use stick-on wallpaper for your living room walls.

The Addition of A Calendar Would Be Great

We always keep on wondering about the date so it would be great to have a calendar in the room. This would also be unique as living room wall decor. Here you can have an oversized calendar so it would cover most parts of the wall.

You Can Have an Ancient Masterpiece Wall Clock For the Living Room

Every living room needs a clock, and it would be great if you have a wall clock for the room. Here you can have an antique clock for your living room as that would create a rustic vibe in your home. This addition would be like a statement piece for your home.

Hang a To-Do List On The Living Wall Or Just a Blackboard

The to-do list is not very common nowadays but it is very useful for every home. It would be great if you could get a to-do list for your living room wall. You can also hang a blackboard that you can write different daily quotes on, which is great.

We hope you found this blog post 15 Creative Living Room Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space useful. Be sure to check out our post Specific Guide to Wall Decoration: From A to Z for more great tips!


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