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Setting up a business can be exciting, filled with the hope of a brighter future. However, it is not easy, and requires a thorough strategic plan. This plan should include a commercial space where the business will be running. You might think this is easy, just a matter of selecting a flatted factory for rental. This is by no means true. This post will describe three crucial things to look for in order to choose an office space.

1. Location

Analyzing the location is the first thing that needs to be done when selecting office space. An ideal location has to be convenient for your team and clients or customers. That is, it has to be readily accessible. Access roads that are not prone to traffic congestion allow the team to arrive at work on time. Also, they make clients more willing to come and visit.

Being close to food markets, transport, parking, and green space are all part of a desirable location. It is also essential to look at the customer base, competitors and potential partners in a specific location. You will want to locate an industrial space where there is a large market share. Setting up a business where there are plenty of competitors, a practice called clustering, allows better exploitation of the established market.

2. Design

The exterior as well as interior aesthetic appeal of the building is essential when deciding on the commercial space. This is because they have a bearing on the business’s image and reputation among customers, employees, and stakeholders. Nobody easily forgets something with a strong appeal, after all. In the strategic plan, you will have to consider the optimum design for your office.

This has to include functionality. That is, ask yourself whether your business requires a line production workspace or maybe a process workspace setup. These still have to maintain a visual appeal. Ultimately the workspace, despite being for working, should cater to the comfort of the employees. A happy employee makes for high productivity. Lastly, you might choose between acquiring an already set up workspace or starting from scratch.

3. Facilities

The strategic plan used to choose an office space will be incomplete if the facilities aspect gets neglected. Many industrial buildings offer diverse facilities. You would thus have to choose those which would particularly suit your business. Examples of facilities are shared meeting spaces, cafes, outdoor spaces, public wi-fi, and end-of-trip facilities. You might also consider buildings with daycare services and fitness classes for tenants.

The inclusion of multiple amenities in industrial space would give employees, clients or customers a lot of convenience. Other benefits include the elimination of time wasted in traveling to a food outlet outside the office. Instead, visiting outlets within the commercial space save time. In the case of daycare, they allow skilled workers to bring their kids to work, thus reducing worker absences.

To Sum Up

When it comes to deciding on the right commercial space, slow and steady wins the race. In addition to these three criteria for selecting a flatted factory for rental, it is also key to keep in mind the budget you decided upon. It should not be too expensive, or else the benefits would be eroded. Instead, to choose an office space, select a place with costs that can be recovered in time.

We hope you found this blog post 3 Things to Look For When Selecting an Industrial Space useful. Be sure to check out our post A Guide to Choosing Your New Office Space for more great tips!


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