5 Thoughtful Gifts For Neighbors Who Just Moved In

So a new family just moved into your neighborhood and you’re looking for the perfect housewarming gift for your new neighbors. And you don’t want to go with the clichéd options. With little understanding or information about the new residents, you might find yourself starting off on the wrong foot if you do not set the right vibes for your first meeting. Remember, like any other human relationship, first impressions are highly crucial for building rapport with your neighbors. Here are 5 Thoughtful Gifts for your New Neighbors.

As a good human being, you do not want to come off as unwelcoming or inconsiderate to your neighbors. So it is important to get to know your neighbors a bit before you attempt to impress them with your gift offerings. Maybe, just waving or saying hi to them during a jog or when taking the trash out. You could even make the most of group interactions and take notes while they are around without any direct interaction when you see them for the first time.

Thoughtful Gifts for your New Neighbors

Keep in mind their cultural, religious and personal backgrounds that you can tick off without being too invasive. What may be an acceptable gift for you might not be permissible where they come from. For example, some of the specific religious backgrounds would not find alcohol permissible. Sometimes, an attempt purely out of good intentions can quickly go downhill if you do not play your cards right without knowing what you are going into.

It is best to play safe and keep your choices as universal as possible if you have absolutely no clue of knowing who they are. Here are some of the best options for housewarmings gifts for the new neighbors that you can bet will set the ball rolling in the right direction.

Gift Card to a Restaurant

A great way to guide your neighbor to local eateries, this housewarming gift can be a cheat sheet for your neighbors. Whenever you visit or are around your favorite, go-to restaurant, grab a gift card and the takeout menu. Place them in a nice, cozy envelope, take a deep breath and head out to your newbie neighbors place.

Represent Your Hood

Show your new neighbors what a great decision they made in choosing your locality. The place where a person lives is a huge part of their identity and can become a source of pride for them over the years. There is a special bond that is created over time and when a new outsider comes to a place you hold dear, you do not want to see them have a bad view of it.

Instill a sense of familiarity and community, by stopping by at your neighborhood’s association and grab a souvenir e.g. flag, poster or a t-shirt that represents your hood’s value in the best way possible.

A “Welcome to the Block” Manual

Whether the new residents moved in from another country, city or neighborhood they will eternally be grateful to you for gifting them a neighborhood ‘manual’. As tedious as it sounds, it is like an essential part of the package without which nothing else makes sense. It may require some one-time and input from your side which will make the gift all the more thoughtful and you can use it for any newbies later onwards too!

Type a list of everything that your new neighbors should know that could save them a lot of research time such as non-emergency phone numbers for fire, local agencies, police and the details of the homeowner’s association. Make sure to make the format presentable and print and bind it securely so that your newbie neighbors can refer back to it whenever they need it. Offer it to your neighbors with some flowers and/ or welcome note.

Jog Your Memory for a Considerate Gift

There was a time when you were searching for a versatile i.e. ‘All Around Moving’ company that can move your items securely. We are all once newbies in a neighborhood and your empathy could come in handy at a time like this. It may have been quite some time ago for you but try sifting down your memory to find something you realized was needed when you first moved into the house or building. Maybe some lighting in the basement or attic?

Food to enjoy together

A great way to make some small talk with your new neighbors is to take some food or wine along when you visit. If you are a great cook, make some homemade favorite, family recipe. Sometimes the simplest housewarming gifts can lead to the best moments in life!

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