Moving can be a stressful process. Even if you hire help with moving, it’s still a hassle to pack up your entire life and move it somewhere else; at best, it’s incredibly inconvenient. However, there are some great ways to reduce the stress of a move as much as possible, and the main methods involve cleaning and junk removal.

Removing junk and unnecessary items (including furniture)  prior to moving provides many benefits for homeowners, property owners, and hired movers (if applicable).  How does junk removal ease the entire moving process, even after you’ve settled in your new home?

junk to remove during your move

1. Less Haul to Pack Up and Move

When you clean up and remove junk prior to packing and moving, there is less to move. This may seem obvious, but this reduces moving truck loads and the time it takes to pack everything up. With fewer moving boxes and junk, items are more compact and lighter, reducing the risk of any moving injuries for yourself or hired help. You can opt for smaller moving trucks sometimes, which costs less; they’re also much easier to drive than their larger counterparts. You’ll spend less time packing, which is an overall win!

2. Less Clutter in Your New Space

Bringing cleanliness to a new home is a great way to start on the right foot in a new environment. With less junk and clutter, everything will have a rightful space, giving a clean, fresh look even after you’re comfortably moved in. You also won’t have to worry about cleaning up junk in a new home! You’d only be focusing on placing treasured items in the new space.

3. Stress Relief and Peace of Mind

Cleaning up junk before moving will lower stress levels, helping you feel calmer about the entire moving process. You’ll worry less about where everything will fit in a moving truck or a moving box. The amount you have to pack up will be far less intimidating. Stress levels will lower a lot when you’re not surrounded by clutter to get rid of throughout the entire process. Reduced workloads for both you and any movers you hire provide a much calmer peace of mind.

4. Easier Move-Out Cleaning

When you’re moving out of an apartment, move-out cleaning is important for many reasons, especially to get your security deposit back. With less junk, it’s far easier to clean the space faster and more efficiently when you’re moved out. You can hold onto your deposit when there isn’t any junk left behind that you don’t want anymore. Even if you hire help for move-out cleaning, removing junk makes it far easier for them to efficiently clean the space.

5. Starting Fresh

When you’ve removed old furniture and junk from your previous living space, you can start fresh in your new home. You can buy furniture and items that reflect your current preferences and tastes instead of finding room for outdated belongings that you don’t enjoy anymore. You can still keep items that you truly love, but all items in your home should be enjoyed and loved.

Hiring Junk Removal Services

Junk removal services make cleaning before, during, and after a move very simple. They’ll do all the heavy lifting for you—literally—and all of your junk will melt away along with your worries. You can focus on more important things during your move, such as buying a new home or keeping a security deposit.  

Larger Cities

You can hire junk removal services in practically any city, especially bigger cities such as Twin Cities or Minneapolis, Charlotte, Chicago, and more. The larger the city is, the more choices you’ll have for hiring junk removal services. Browsing different companies and reviews online is a great way to vet your options.

Smaller Cities

If you live in a smaller city, don’t worry. You can still hire junk removal services! Smaller cities that surround larger cities, such as the Twin Cities’ Minnetonka, or Charlotte’s Kannapolis can hire quality services in their cities or even through their larger neighboring city. If you need junk removal in Minnetonka or other smaller towns, there are plenty of options to choose from and can be found with similar search and vetting methods as larger cities.


Junk removal and cleaning before you move to a new living space can make a world of difference in the speed and stress of a move. It even makes things easier for any hired movers! There are services and businesses specifically catered to removing junk for you, so you don’t have to worry about adding work and stress to your big move. Junk removal services are available in larger and smaller cities alike, so give yourself some peace of mind and get rid of any useless items beforehand.

We hope you found this blog post on 5 Ways Junk Removal Can Ease Your Moving Process useful. Be sure to check out our post on Make Junk Removal Part of Your ‘Green Move’ for more great tips!

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