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Orlando is a great place to raise a family. With its international airport, central location, and beautiful weather, the city is a hub for holiday-makers and tourists from around the world. One of the biggest draws is the Disney theme parks, which have made a significant contribution to the local economy. As a result of its growing population, the demand for Orlando houses for sale in the area is high. If you’re thinking about buying a home in Central Florida, here are some of the best suburbs for families when moving in to Orlando.

Gated Community

At the top of our list is the gated community of Winter Park. The gates ensure the safety of families and property owners within the community. There are also plans afoot to build an underground system of walkways, roads, and parks. The development will also include a water park and fitness center, along with 3,000 new homes.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for buyers who want a peaceful place to live. This is a great choice for families who want to live close to nature and avoid large crowds and noisy neighbors. One of the biggest pluses of living in a gated community in Orlando is security.

Tocawee Lakes

Tocawee Lakes is a quiet, affluent neighborhood in Orlando that borders Lake Eola Park. It’s a great place to raise a family, with lots of space for children to run around and enjoy the outdoors. It also has a strong community spirit with residents looking out for each other. The houses are of high quality, with most having large, open spaces and some that are attached or have floating buildings for extra living space.

This is a terrific area for families who like to entertain guests and have lots of space for cars, boats, and even an airplane. One of the biggest draws to this area is the Quirk Nature Centre, a large pond with tropical plants and fauna such as frogs, turtles, and fish that families can explore together. This is a great option for children who want to learn more about nature and, perhaps, catch a little fish for supper!

Most of the houses in the area have been extensively renovated and offer a level of comfort that would suit a family of 4-5 comfortably. The only downside is, like many other Orlando suburbs, there isn’t much to do locally apart from spending time with your family.


Lakefront property in Orlando Florida offers some fantastic opportunities for buyers who want to live by the water. There are hundreds of lakeside homes for sale in the area, offering lots of space for kids to run around and enjoy the outdoors. The homes are generally large and incredibly comfortable, with some being perfect for a family of 5 plus lots of storage space.

The waterfront property provides an abundance of opportunities for families who want to spend time outside, along with a peaceful place for relaxation and solitude. There aren’t many negatives to owning waterfront property in Orlando, other than the occasional disturbance from a boat or plane flying over.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is a luxurious residential community in Orlando. Its magnificent rolling lawns, pristine pools, and opulent buildings make it a paradise for families. There are also large communal areas for families to enjoy together, along with individual pools and spa villas for those who want a bit of privacy.

The community also offers extensive recreational facilities, including a fully equipped gym, tennis courts, football pitches, and a putting green. The only downside to this popular choice with families is the lack of diversity in the local population. There is a lot of white property here, so if this is a concern for you, then perhaps a different option would be preferable.

Davenport Home

Davenport Home is a luxury residential development in Orlando located opposite the University of Central Florida. The community offers an abundance of space for families, with large front lawns and generous back gardens.

The buildings are of high quality and offer exceptional amenities, including private pools and spa villas, along with garages and washers/dryers available for use. The location is also ideal for families who want to be close to the action at the UCF campus, while still enjoying the benefits of a luxury property at an affordable price. One of the biggest benefits of living in a development with other families is the shared activities and gatherings.

There are so many opportunities for families to get together and socialize with other families in the area. The children can play in the pool or spa villas, while parents get a workout with a tennis racket or a soccer ball. The only downside to this option is the high price of the initial purchase (apart from the fact that it’s a desirable location in any event).

Varsity Park

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, then you can’t go wrong with Varsity Park. The community offers a mixture of family homes and individual villas, with spacious living rooms, bedrooms, and large dining areas perfect for gathering with family and friends. There is also a small retail park with eateries and shops for those who want to get away from their screens and spend some time (this is a great place for kids to explore too). The biggest draw to this neighborhood is the range of options available for buyers looking for a family home.

There are smaller apartments available for those who want to live in a more compact space. Along with the retail park, Varsity Park also has a large communal area with a pool and plenty of green space for children to run around in. Residents also look out for each other, so if one of the shops or restaurants catches fire or something similar happens, then the whole community comes together to help. It’s a great place to grow up.

We hope you found this blog post 6 Best Suburbs For Families in Orlando useful. Be sure to check out our post Moving to Florida? All You Need to Know! for more great tips!

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