Here Are 6 Amazing Tips To Complete Downsizing Your Home

downsizing your family home

Perhaps your children have finally flown the proverbial nest, and you are now looking to free up some cash from your current property to purchase a smaller home?

Alternatively, are you finding it difficult to handle the substantial daily workload of household chores and maintenance and are looking to free up some of your valuable time?

Either way, whatever your reason for downsizing your family home, continue reading for six top tips to make a move as smooth and simple as possible. 

1. Utilize Self Storage Units

When sifting and sorting through the myriad of possessions packed inside your family home, you will undoubtedly be in awe of just how much stuff you have accumulated over the years.

One of the most incredibly useful and surprisingly affordable solutions for keeping your prized possessions safe and secure outside of the home is investing in a long-term self storage unit from a reputable, renowned, and local professional storage company. 

There are a wide plethora of advantages to hiring a self-storage unit, including but not limited to:

  • Guaranteed protection from theft
  • Protection from wear and tear, dust, and outside elements
  • Long-term storage of treasured possessions 
  • Fantastic for transitionary periods between homes
  • Winter storage
  • Expensive one-off purchases can be stored safely and securely 

2. Treat The Move As A Brand New Adventure

Regardless of the reason you are currently going through the process or are shortly going to begin downsizing your family home, a positive mental attitude is necessary throughout the entire process and beyond. 

Especially if you are moving across states, try not to focus too hard on what you are leaving behind and instead concentrate on the plethora of new and exciting opportunities in your new home and location. 

Downsizing is essentially about taking back your freedom and affording significantly more time to do the things you love and more money to be able to fund new hobbies and adventures.

3. It Is Never Too Early To Start Planning

As with every other major task or project in life, the more prepared you are, the smoother and more efficient the transition will be. 

There are numerous emotional considerations to take into account when downsizing a family home. This is another reason to start planning and practically packing as soon as feasibly possible to mentally process the move fully. 

4. Talk With Friends Who Have Already Downsized

If you are fortunate enough to know other couples or single people who have downsized to a smaller home, it would be incredibly beneficial to contact them and ask them their top tips and anything they learned from the process that you can apply to your own downsizing journey

Alternatively, there is a wealth of information, including chatrooms and social media groups dedicated to the process of downsizing one’s family home, and connecting yourself with one or more of these would be equally as fruitful. 

5. Consider The Inevitable Hidden Costs

Just like when moving to a larger home, moving to a smaller property and downsizing can still incur a wide variety of hidden costs and charges. Therefore, it is important to prepare for such eventualities to the best of your ability. 

Such hidden charges may be found in the following areas:

  • The actual act of moving in terms of moving vehicles and transport
  • Living expenses in your new home’s location
  • Repairs of your old home prior to selling
  • Storage of any possessions you want to keep yet won’t fit in your new home
  • Higher property tax in your new location
  • Sales fees of your old property 

6. Donate To Worthy Charities

As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and, undoubtedly, due to the nature of downsizing, there will be more than a few items and belongings that you no longer need or indeed want to hold on to. 

When sorting through your closet, any clothing and accessories that are either brand new or still in good condition should be taken to your local clothing charity store and this creation of a capsule wardrobe is also good for preparing your emotional state for your new life elsewhere. 

In terms of furniture and larger bulkier items that you no longer need, it is worth checking with local family members and friends. Specially people who have just moved home and are themselves looking to source basic items to see if they could use anything. This can be a nice thing to do and can also save you on removal costs.

We hope you enjoyed reading 6 Top Tips When Downsizing Your Family Home. For additional tips and advice, be sure to check out our post on HOAs – Big Yes Or Big No? for more great tips!

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