If you are in search of the best cities to move to in this year then you are in the right place. Many events occur that lead to a move, educating yourself is the first step to making it a smart move.


No. 1 Austin, TX

One of the best cities in Texas to move to is Austin. Austin has a low cost of living which is one of the main reasons why people love to live here. It is good for college graduates, young professionals, retirees, and families, at the same time. The number of tech companies and businesses continue to grow in this Texas area.


No. 2 Jacksonville, FL

The sunny state of Florida offers a cost of living which is lower than the countries average. Businesses continue to grow and attract residents of all ages. One thing residents all agree on is that it’s always beach season in Jacksonville. In addition to the national facilities, you’ll find 10 state parks, stunning beaches and access to hundreds of piers, Jacksonville, FL is a water lovers’ dream.


No. 3 Colorado Springs, CO

This booming city is only one hour from Denver and is populated by new residents attending quality schools, natural parks, and cultural attractions. This city is in close proximity to top-class skiing resorts and the Olympic Training Center. The economy and culture are influenced by military jobs. Recreational options are in abundance here for you and your family in this year.


No. 4 Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

As far as the 10 most populous metro areas in the country, including New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington, D.C., only Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, made the top 10 as most scored low in housing affordability. So, anyone looking to make an affordable move should consider moving to Dallas-Fort Worth!


No. 5 San Francisco, CA

In the past decade, thousands of tech companies have raced to set up shop in the San Francisco Bay area. Although this has caused the cost of living to rise, the city offers several business jobs and is the home of over two dozen financial headquarters. The city has also been identified at the center of the LGBT rights movement. If you work in the tech or finance field, San Francisco may be the move for you in this year.


No. 6 Seattle, WA

If you’ve ever visited Washington, you’d notice immediately how green it is there. Located between water and mountains, the locals say it doesn’t rain that much. The residents are drawn to the city’s calm and serene atmosphere. Although the city is in close proximity to nature, there are big industries in manufacturing present as well as huge companies like Boeing. Nature and job opportunities may be the reason Seattle is one of the best cities to move in this year. And how could we forget about the iconic Public Market?


No. 7 Huntsville, AL

Huntsville has quietly been on the climb since it became a hub for NASA back in the 1960s. It has undergone a complete renaissance with tech and manufacturing companies flocking in town in recent years. Despite the growth, Huntsville has managed to maintain a low cost of living. The resident enjoys the benefits and variety of the growing economy.

It’s easy to see how one’s profession, life events, and lifestyles can impact your move in this year. Having the right information on your location can make all the difference.

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