Do you get irritated by seeing the dust accumulated in your home? How dust remains and gets recollected even after a proper dusting must be nerve-wracking for you. And you shouldn’t take dust lightly as it can cause allergies and respiratory problems. So we need to find the best ways to deal with it and in this article, we will share with you some foolproof ways to follow religiously to make your home dust free. Inculcating these tips into your home will make your life easy and less troublesome.

Dust Free Home

No-Shoe Policy

The shoes you wear outside have a lot of dust collected in them, and when you bring them into the house, you bring in the dust too. You can avoid such a massive amount of dust entering your home by simply not allowing shoes inside the home. You can use special shoes just for home, even make your guests follow this rule inside your home. This will also stop so many germs from entering your home. You also have to clean the shoes you use inside the home regularly to clear off the dust stuck on them by just using them at home.

Pillows and Bedding

Pillows and bedding collect our dead skin and sweat along with other dust. Therefore, beat the pillows and bedding as much as possible to bring out the dust accumulated in them. Also, make sure you wash your pillow and bed cover once a week. And the bedding and pillows can also get affected by dust mites which can cause allergy problems for you. So, change the bedsheets and pillow covers often and clean them. It is also important to get the mattress and pillows cleaned professionally once every 6 months.

Entrance Mat

An entrance mat placed at the entrance of the house or doors has the function of allowing us to remove the dust from our legs and shoes. It is an indispensable item in any home to reduce the presence of dust. It should be cleaned and changed regularly to prevent dust from accumulating at the entrance. You can use a hand vacuum cleaner to collect the dust in it and then wash it regularly with detergent. You also need to replace the old and worn-out entrance mats with new ones. Old and worn-out entrance mats won’t be able to trap or collect any dust.

Windows and Air Conditioners

Dust and germs enter through open windows along with the fresh air. So, it is better to keep the windows closed most of the time. But when you are sweeping or cleaning the home, it is advised to keep the windows open. Then the dust and dusty smell will disperse to the outside through the windows. Thus the house will stay clean longer. If you have an air conditioning system, it is important to change the filters regularly for purifying the air inside the house efficiently. You can also add a HEPA filter in your home which can trap tiny particles like pollen, pet dander and dust mites. These are some of the non-cleaning methods of reducing dust mites in your home.

Dusting Tools

Wet cloths or microfibre cloths are known for their dust-collecting quality, whereas sweeps and brooms are simply counterproductive. Microfibre cloths can capture and trap even the finest and most resistant dust. Brooms can only get rid of a minimal amount of dust and the remaining dust will linger in the air for some time and settle down on the floor itself. So, by replacing brooms with mops, you will be able to get rid of the maximum amount of dust. This method of cleaning will keep the house cleaner for a long period.

Groom and Train Your Pets

If you have a pet at home, then you must know how much it can contribute to the dust accumulated in your house. Regular grooming, bathing and taking them to a veterinary doctor if you observe heavy hair fall will eventually lead to a reduction in hair fall and thereby in the dust accumulated in your home. Also, train them to not bring in dust and other unwanted items to your home from the outside. Training them to eat properly without spilling anything will also keep your home clean.

Declutter Your Home

When you have too many unwanted items cluttered together in your home, you are also facilitating space and surface for more and more dust to get collected. By regularly decluttering and following the minimalist lifestyle, you make it far easier to clean your home and keep it clean for longer. You can either donate or sell the items you don’t need anymore, it will be useful for someone else. This will also make your home relaxing and comforting, it won’t anymore look like a mess.

We hope you found this blog post on 7 Foolproof Ways for a Dust Free Home useful. Be sure to check out our post on 5 Move Out Cleaning Tips You Must Know for more great tips!

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