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Doormats are crucial for you if you want to keep your home’s floor neat and clean. Placing such a rug at the entrance of your home encourages your family members and other persons to swipe their feet before they enter your home. You miss an excellent opportunity to avoid some mopping if you don’t place a welcome mat at the entrance of your home.

When it comes to home decoration and placing a welcome mat at your home entrance, you want something different. You want to make your doormat unique. And such a desire encourages you to look for some exclusive ideas. Here are some ideas:

1. Mix and Match to Have an Ideal Welcome Mat

Whether you have someone create personalized doormats or you are making one yourself, mix-and-match is an ideal option. You can switch things up with contrasting colors for a better effect. Opt for mixed designs that are cool, neutral, and warm. For example, greys will balance out some bright colors. And as a result, your doormat will stand apart without being too loud. You can make a mix of cool hues and neutral colors to make your welcome mats different.

2. Put Some Fun at The Entrance with a Funny Message

Want to amuse your guests/visitors while entering into your home? Place Funny Doormats at the entrance of your home. You can create one yourself or ask a doormat manufacturer to make customized welcome mats for your home. You can put funny messages like Step on me I like to get dirty and We are not at Home Go Away.

3. Use Layers to Fetch the Best in Your Doormats

In the contemporary world, layered personalized doormats are a bit of a fad. You need to be a little smarter if you want to make your doormat stand out from others. Place your personalized door rug on a bigger mat. You will be amazed to see the transformation layering your mats will bring. Usually people do mat layering when they notice that their old doormats are out of fashion now. In the current world, layering mats is an art, and people do it to accentuate the aura of their entryways. For a better layering, you should have doormats of different colors.

4. Add Personalized Graphics to Create a Funky Match

The welcome mat you place at the entrance of your home is like a book cover which provides a preview of what your home has inside. So, you should ensure that the graphics you include in your welcome door rugs are attractive without being unpleasant to others. You can put emojis on your welcome mats to break the ice. Or you can put images of your family members to make your visitors sure they are at the right place. Whatever messages, images, themes, or symbols you add, ensure that your welcome mat is punchy and leave your visitors impressed.

5. Make Colorful Geometric Pattern

Making colorful geometric patterns on a welcome door mat is easy. You just need a simple, regular rug to add the geometric patterns of your choice with acrylic paints. For creating your favorite geometric patterns, you can stick tape on the sections that you want to keep plain and paint the sections with no tape with your favorite colors. After you complete your painting, remove the tape from the rug.

door mat with cat cartoons

6. Place Your House Number On Your Welcome Mat

Want an idea that can enable you to do two different things with one object? A doormat displaying your house number is the right option for you. With a house number doormat, you can help your visitors identify your home and also help you keep your floor clean. Creating such a rug is extremely easy. You have just to paint your house number on your welcome mat before placing it at the entrance of your home. To make it more personalized, you can put a custom message on it.

7. Create Polka Dots On Your Doormat

You can create a mat in the shape of clouds and mark polka dots on it. Leaving the polka dot marks on doormats is super easy and inexpensive. Get a doormat of foam and cut it in the shapes of clouds. After that, leave polka dot marks on the cloud shaped doormat.


Custom welcome mat ideas depend on your creativity. With your creative mind, you can make your doormat stand apart from others, along with welcoming your visitors and keeping your floor clean.

We hope you found this blog post on 7 Unique Customized Welcome Mat Ideas for Your Home useful. Be sure to check out our post on How To Do A Thorough Cleaning In The House for more great tips!


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