Moving To England

Moving to a different country is always tricky and at some level, does trigger anxiety among people. All that thought of having to adjust in a completely different environment, the cumbersome task of micromanaging everything, at least at first and cultural shock of course.

Should you be moving to England?

Recently, courtesy of Brexit saga, the thought of moving to the United Kingdom is even more shuddering thought but bear with us as we give you not one but 10 reasons as to why you should consider moving to the UK, this is not about domestic removals in England but moving from another country to the United Kingdom and adopting the lifestyle of English. Therefore, unlike moving to any other part of the world where learning the native language is a must, you are considerably at ease. All you have to do is learn English especially if English is not your native language. You can use resources like English with Lucy to kickstart your English-learning journey. English pop culture and literature have influenced the entire world in one way or another making it even easier to adjust in the new environment since there are things you can relate to.

  1. The Exotic Blend of Life

The UK offers you exactly the type of living which suits your taste. You can choose to live in a metropolitan city like London or even in a serene environment of a village depending upon your liking. There is even a broad category of living options among these extremes such as hamlets and towns. It offers you the choice of life.  If you prefer to stay on the former, check out these top places to live in London.

  1. Top-Notch Education

Due to its prestigious education institutes, the UK has been one of the top choices for students all around the world for ages. Other than the world’s leading higher education institutes, the primary and secondary level education in the United Kingdom is also exemplary which is a concern for most of the parents while they are planning to move. The UK accepts standard pre-employment tests like the Thomas International and Wonderlic, although the Thomas international is more popular.

  1. No Language Problem

English is the most common language in the world. Therefore, unlike moving to any other part of the world where learning the native language is a must, you are considerably at ease. English pop culture and literature have influenced the entire world in one way or another making it even easier to adjust in the new environment since there are things you can relate to.

  1. Healthcare

The UK offers universal and free healthcare benefits once you become its citizen. Healthcare is one of the primary reasons why people opt for the UK. There are very few countries in the world that offer universal healthcare coverage. In fact, health care in several developing countries, especially in the United States of America, accounts for the highest living expense.

  1. Culture and History

If you are into cultural and historic stuff, then there can be no better place than the UK itself. It has a rich history and one of the few countries in the world which has a thriving constitutional monarchy. The museums and historic infrastructure offer a unique opportunity to peek through the past. Likewise, witness for yourself how the country has transitioned from the monarchy to an example of a functioning parliamentary democracy for the world. The fun fact being that you do not necessarily need to plan out a tour as, literally, the history is all around even if you just take a stroll down a street.


  1. Sports

For Soccer and Cricket fans, the United Kingdom is no doubt the first choice. With so much of sports activity going around all the time, be it Premier League matches where the clubs literally older than a century play each other or a Cricket match at Lords “The Home of Cricket” there is just too much to relish for sports fans in the UK. The richness it offers for the sports fans is certainly a plus.

  1. The Nature to Explore

The housing offers a broad range depending upon the choice of people,. Likewise, the natural setting of the United Kingdom has almost everything to offer for everyone. If you are into hiking and trekking, the UK has one of the most exotic mountain ranges. Contrary to that, if you like to walk on a beach and witness the sun going down over the horizon on the ocean, the United Kingdom has a beautiful coastline to offer. In short, you can plan for multiple holidays within the UK and still not get done with the beauty of the country.

  1. The Food

If you can think of just fish and chips when it comes to food in the UK, then it will be surprising for you that the country offers a broad range of cuisines courtesy of the people from all parts of the world who have moved to the UK. In a big city, for instance, such as London or Birmingham, the options to choose from can be endless. Meaning, it might take a while before you could decide what you want to eat because the options are simply too many. The variety and quality of food in the United Kingdom is as good as any other place which is highly rated for quality of life.

  1. The People

There are many regions of the United Kingdom and people from each of these regions have specific traits. But what can be said about the overall people of the United Kingdom is that they are kind, courteous and warm people with a good sense of humor. Certainly the type of people you would like to live with.

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