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Relocating to Vancouver

Vancouver has a history of being listed as one of the best cities in the world to live in. What makes a city the best is subjective, though. Want to learn more about why Vancouver has been famous for its quality of life and make sure it aligns with what you’re considering for your next move? Keep reading below for nine objective reasons you need to move to Vancouver.


The stereotype that Canadians are notoriously nice people isn’t just a stereotype, it’s a fact. Especially in Vancouver, with its multicultural population, the people are incredibly tolerant, educated, and compassionate. In Vancouver, you will find some of the world’s friendliest, most diverse people.


Vancouver lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains, giving you the best of majestic skylines and stunning shorelines. It is an outdoors-loving person’s oasis. There are plenty of places to swim, walk, boat, and ski, as well as many hiking trails to be explored throughout the changing seasons.


People in Vancouver work hard and play hard. It is not uncommon to find people socializing on a weekday at Vancouver’s delicious bakeries and coffee shops. Many people head to the famous Stanley Park for a scenic bike ride.


Vancouver has a more mild climate than much of Canada. It offers all four seasons to mild degrees, so winters are usually around 0-5º Celsius(45ºF) and summers around 20º Celsius (70ºF).


Being a port city with a very mild climate sets Vancouver up for optimum food freshness. A variety of food is harvested locally and organically. On the other hand, seafood is fresh-caught from the Pacific. Many award-winning restaurants line the streets of downtown.


Both the public and private education in Vancouver are excellent. People travel internationally to study at some of Vancouver’s top universities, like the University of British Columbia, ranking 3 in Canada and 51 worldwide.


You might be moving to Vancouver still looking for work. Fear not, Vancouver has one of the highest employment rates in all of Canada.


Vancouver has something for everyone. The city is filled with unique shops, has an ice hockey and sports addiction, and always has an event happening, like free outdoor movie night. Therefore, in Vancouver you will never be bored.


Real estate in Vancouver is an excellent investment since the number of people wanting to move there has increased. If you are considering living in Vancouver even temporarily, it is worth settling down because the value of your property will likely go up. The demand does make real estate in Vancouver pricier, but consider private lenders who offer more flexibility than a bank to finance your property.

Move to Canada

You can’t go wrong with a move to Vancouver. It has the best of both worlds, with some of the most breathtaking landscapes combined with vibrant city life.

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