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The drainage system plays an important role in keeping the home and its occupants healthy. It carries out wastewater and keeps the bathrooms and other areas clean from any odors and germs. However, these systems always don’t work right and they need constant maintenance to work perfectly. Here are some maintenance tips that will always keep your sewer system ready all the time.

1. Avoid Throwing Food Waste Into the Kitchen Drain Line

Many people throw their food waste down the kitchen drain line. Eventually, the food particles block the drain and stop the flow of water. To prevent this, you need to avoid throwing food, solid food items, or waste food into the drain line. Try to scrape as much food waste as possible into the garbage container. Only flush small particles into the garbage disposal and run cold water.

2. Flush the Plumbing System Thoroughly

Once a month, fill water in all the water holding devices in the home along with washing machines, bathtubs, and sinks. After filling them up to full capacity, drain them all at once. Simultaneously flush all the toilets as quickly as possible. This process is simple but very effective in cleaning the drainage system.

3. Use Drain Guard

Using a drain guard is a perfect way to keep your drainage system up to date all the time. It decreases the amount of waste going down the sink. Drain guards are small disc-like plates that filter the bigger waste particles and let the smaller ones go in. These are also very helpful in the shower to collect loose hair.

4. Use Boiling Water Frequently

Boiling water is perfect to wash out the blockages in your drainage system. Make sure that you are using boiling water once or twice a week. Using hot water will keep the oils in food products running down the drain and, in this way, it will be easier to clean the drain without much hassle. Oils collected on interior surface of pipes can make the drain sluggish and lead to clogs.

5. Use Natural Drain Cleaner Solution

There are various drain cleaning substances available in the market and it is important for you to use them for cleaning the drain without much hassle. Some of these cleaners use bacteria to clean the drain and after using that solution, you can easily wash that drain.

You should repeat this procedure every month to make the drain clean. In this way, you will keep the drainage system clear of blockages. One thing is to keep in mind that you need to always use a natural drain cleaner in order to avoid any kind of adverse impact on the sewer system. In Australia, if you call Conrad Martens Brisbane, it can easily keep your drainage system free from any additional blockages.

6. Clean the Garbage Disposal Regularly

Make sure that the garbage disposal is getting washed out once or twice in a month with the help of a sturdy brush. You can also use ice cubes and table salt and grind them to make a solution. After applying the solution, flush with cold water. This is effective and keeps you home free from any kind of offensive odor.

7. Washing Pets

Washing pets is always a hard task and it takes time and effort because, most of the time, it is very hard to get the pet to bathe and it is very crucial to do it following proper procedures. When the washing is completed, make sure that you have properly removed the hair from the drain. In this way, the drainage system will be clear of unwanted hair which is the potential reason for drain blocks while washing pets. Also use a washcloth to remove extra hair from that pet.

8. Don’t Neglect Any Sign of Blockage

Blocking of a drain doesn’t happen suddenly in one day. It occurs over a period of time. Therefore, you shouldn’t ignore early signs of blockage. If you realize that the water is not drain smoothly, it could be an indication the drain has blockage and, if you take preventive action, you can easily clear the blockage. Septic system and drain field problems such as blockages and leaks are common too, but these can also be fixed.

9. Follow Tips from the Professionals

Professionals who have years of experience in this area can give you perfect tips that will help you to keep the drainage system clean. They can give you tips that will perfectly match your specific needs so it will be easier to implement them. If you follow them correctly, it will be easier for you not to face any future blockages in your sewer system.


These are some of the best tips to follow in order to keep your sewer system clean. These tips will help you to avoid and clear blockages in your drains. So there will be no additional issues while running waste water through the drainage system.

We hope you found this blog post 9 Tips for Maintaining Your Sewer System useful. Be sure to check out our post Tips for Blocked Drains and Sewers for more great tips!


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