Tips for completing your relocation

Relocating to a new home is exciting – but it’s likely to be a stressful time, too. With so many things to take care of and tasks to remember to complete ahead of the move, the whole thing can easily become overwhelming. But we can help. The key to completing a smooth move in 2024 is planning.

So grab a cup of tea, take a five-minute break, and use the guide below to navigate the process; we can help you to put together a plan that’ll make moving house a breeze!

Sort Out Schools Before Relocating

First on the list: confirming places at a new school for the kids. If possible, arrange for your children to have at least one visit to the new school to help them not feel so disorientated on their first day.

Be sure to tell your kids’ current school your move date, and, for younger children, gather together the contact information of any special friends that your kids would like to stay in touch with.

Take Out a Home Warranty

Making sure that you have a home warranty policy in place that’ll be effective as soon as you take ownership of the new property is a great idea; this will cover all of the major appliances and systems in the property and give you peace of mind that your new home honeymoon period won’t be ruined by a breakdown and a nasty bill.

Research your options in good time, and, if possible, arrange for cover to begin as soon as you get the new keys in your hands.

Perfect Packing

Before beginning the process of packing, take the opportunity to have a major sort out. Go through each room, deciding on what you want to take to the new property and what can be sold, donated to charity, or binned. Be realistic: if you don’t use or love the item anymore, let it go. Get the kids involved, too, and ask them to fill a box or two with unwanted toys and games.

Once this task is done, you can begin the task of packing. Label each box clearly, and include a clear indication of where it needs to go once you reach the new house. As you’re relocating, hiring a professional removal firm is likely your best option. As well as taking the hassle out of lugging your furniture and belongings into a truck and out again at the other end, removal staff are highly experienced and can help to make a move a smooth one. Most removal firms can also provide packing crates and materials if you need these items.

Collect Important Documents

Ahead of the move, locate and keep safely to hand important medical records to prevent the risk of them being misplaced in all the activity. Medical records, passports, bank cards, driver’s licenses, and other identity documents should all be stored safely and somewhere you can easily find them in the days leading up to the move to avoid a last-minute panic.

And if you have a pet, don’t forget to ask your current veterinarian for a copy of their records, too. And talking of pets…

Plan for Pets

Consider in good time the best way to transport your pets from A to Z. Depending on your pet and how far away your new home is from your current one, you may decide that taking them with you in the car is practical. Otherwise, you could consider moving your pet by plane or by using a specialist pet-moving company to help manage this part of the relocation.

Final Preparations for a Smooth Move

Once the big day is imminent, there are a few extra little things that you can do that’ll make a big difference to everyone’s stress levels during the relocation itself. Firstly, if you have kids, plan some activities for them to prevent boredom and niggles on the drive to the new home. A new book or game for their handheld device, stickers, or a puzzle book can all help to pass the hours. Putting together a snack pack for kids and adults alike – with a selection of healthy items and well-deserved yummy treats – is also a great idea.

Pack an overnight bag for everyone in the household so that, on your first night, you won’t have the hassle of rummaging in boxes trying to locate toothbrushes, pajamas, etc. Don’t forget toiletries, a book each, chargers for your devices, and the kids’ special teddies.

You may want to book a grocery delivery to arrive at the new property within the first couple of days of your arrival so that you can get stocked up without the inconvenience of a trip to the store when you have so much else to take care of.

And Pour the Fizz!

And now close the door of your new home behind you, crack open the fizz (who cares if you need to drink it from a tea cup or vase?) and prepare to embark on the next stage of your family adventure!

We hope you found this blog post Summer 2024: A Guide to Completing Your Relocation With Little Hassle useful. Be sure to check out our post 10 Moving and Packing Hacks for a Stress-Free Move for more great tips!

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