Here are a few packing tips:

  1. Get more boxes than you think you will need.
  2. Get smaller boxes for books. Use bigger boxes for lighter items.
  3. Make a master list of all household items and your belongings.
  4. Make a box of essentials and label it “Open Me First”. Put this box to the side to be loaded last (so it’s unloaded first) or bring it with yourself. Your essential box will include: Basic tools such as flashlights, pocket knife, hammer, screwdrivers, nails, masking tape, tape measure and light bulbs. Add Hand towels, soap, toilet paper and shampoo.
  5. Pack room-by room, keeping similar items together. Remember to use some sort of color coded method to keep boxes together according to room or number boxes when they are packed and sealed. Clearly indicate on the box its room destination. Write on the master list the contents of the numbered boxes.
  6. Reinforce the bottom of boxes with at least two strips of packing tape.
  7. Pack boxes firmly to prevent the contents from shifting during your move.
  8. Use crumpled paper for padding. Seal boxes tightly with wide packing tape.
  9. Pack records and CD’S vertically in boxes. Don’t stack them flat.
  10. Place heavier items in the bottom of the box and lighter items on top.
  11. Separate items with paper to prevent scratches caused by rubbing.
  12. Remove lids from jars and ceramics. Wrap each separately.
  13. Seal any opened boxes and bottles before packing them to avoid spills and leakage.
  14. Use towels, linens, curtains, etc. to pad boxes of fragile items. Clearly mark these boxes “FRAGILE”.
  15. Use a jumbo box for lampshades and cushion them well.
  16. When disassembling furniture, beds, lamps, etc. put the hardware into a plastic bag along with any assembly tips and tape it to the item itself.
  17. Use wardrobe box for hanging clothes. Use bottom part for shoes and belts.
  18. If possible ask us if you can leave clothes in dresser drawers (normally it is o.k. if moving from ground floor to ground floor).

We hope you found these packing tips for moving useful. Check out our Pinterest page for more tips!

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