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When you talk about living in New York the first thing that anyone thinks of is tall buildings and looming skyscrapers. Those who are used to living in quiet towns, find the hustle and bustle, and the overall energy of this busy city daunting. While the City of New York is one of the most coveted places in the entire country, the state of New York has a lot to offer. If you have only been to NYC and consider that as your view of the entire state, you are in for a surprise. Here are the Best Places to Live In New York.

By assessing elements such as quality of life, crime rate, household income and cost of living, here are the top five places you can live in New York.

1. Albany


This is the capital of New York. It is the middle of the state government, with its economy imbedded with the logistics of running the show. The best thing about this place is that it is heavily invested in healthcare and education.

Many fortune 500 companies reside in Albany including Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, American Express, and General Electric. It has a very low crime rate and a brilliant nightlife. Albany comes with its own signature culture.

Its location is a plus too, right in between Montreal and NYC, on top of that it is only a couple of hours away from Buffalo, but not far from Boston. This makes the place the perfect pit stop for entertainers, artists, and performers on the road.

Albany is also home to the best medical and law schools in the country.

2. The Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley

The last thing anyone will expect out of New York are corn fields and dairy farms, when the truth is that is what a part of the state is. New York’s agricultural industry is worth $3.6 billion. You will find over 35,000 farms, which cover only a quarter of the state.

The valley itself goes from the Westchester County to Upstate. You will find vineyards, wineries, and massive apple orchards that are the epitome of the agriculture in New York. On top of that it is not the only thing the place has to offer, it is also the middle of the state’s growing tech industry.  

3. Woodstock


Do not confuse this with your music festival. This is an equally iconic quaint little town. The best thing about this is that it has a very rich history. The town offers unique boutiques and stores that give it that world class appeal. It’s a combination of the urban and the outdoors. There are plenty of nature trails that one can explore. If you do decide to live there you can always take advantage of the wellness centers that are built to improve the body and mind of all residents.

The biggest attraction in Woodstock is for artists, specifically the Byrdliffe Colony, which is also the oldest art colony that is still operating, in the US. A retreat is hosted every year for artists from all over the globe. The festivals that take place here vary from film, music to writing and other forms of visual art.  

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4. Manhattan


The list goes on, on what Manhattan can offer to its residents. People in the concrete jungle believe that if you wanted to try all the great places to eat out here it would take you around fifty years. As always, the place has a bit of everything for everyone. Hence, you will find a vibrant nightlife, world renowned museums, and definitely the global centers for many art forms including the world famous Broadway theatre and musical scene.

Most people know it as the HQ for the American financial sector, when it is also the place where all great fashion comes from. The latest happenings in Manhattan include a massive growth in the tech industry. Specifically, in an area which is fast becoming known as Silicon Alley.

5. The Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes are rolling hills, parted by pretty blue lakes and situated in the middle of a beautiful countryside. It has several small town and some wineries too. This area is the second largest wine producer in the entire country. The sales are made by tourists, local restaurants, and individuals mostly. With plenty of arts, museums and cultural centers, there always seems to be something around the Finger Lakes that keeps attracting people to visit.

A lot of young people venture about owing to the presence of Ithaca College and Cornell University. But this is not secluded to students. There are a lot of state parks that are bustling with families, they offer exceptional outdoor facilities and nature trails for hiking. In addition, Finger Lakes has a total of eleven lakes, making it an ideal place for people who like to go fishing, or are into water sports. 

6. Schenectady

Schenectady, NY

Schenectady is a city in eastern New York known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, peaceful parks, and outdoor attractions. The city is home to the historic Proctors Theater, which hosts Broadway shows and other live performances. The city offers a unique and dynamic experience for visitors and residents alike, making it an attractive option for those looking for a more relaxed and tranquil lifestyle. You are within walking distance of everything you might possibly need to live comfortably, including public transportation, groceries, local repair service centers, and other locations that are commonly required.

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