Have you placed an order online and are looking forward to delivery? The day your delivery arrives, you will receive a message that your package has been delivered! You rush home enthusiastically, but before you get there, the “porch pirates” strike again, leaving you in disappointment, anger, and frustration.

Parcel storage options

This is not the first time that a package has gone missing in New York. Thousands of packages are either stolen, lost, or improperly delivered in New York City alone. There are many complaints concerning lost deliveries, lost packages, and stolen packages. Package theft may be a significant disadvantage across the country and it’s only getting worse as more and more individuals prefer to shop online.

Online shopping has particularly increased since the Covid-19 pandemic hit in early 2020and has therefore lost packages. All companies have their policies for dealing with lost packages and erroneous deliveries, but they all involve filling out forms, providing proof and evidence, and waiting for days. It all seems like a chore, especially when we are already living a busy life juggling multiple things at once. Why create more hassle for yourself? Just choose to use the Package Storage service in NYC and it will make your life easier. When you choose  Package Storage in NYC, you choose to protect your packages from notorious porch hackers.

How does parcel storage work in New York?

Currently, there are few solutions for package storage in New York. The idea behind parcel storage is to make sure that you receive your valuable purchases. Below are some of the package storage solutions available in New York.


Doorman is a parcel storage system wherever you send your parcels to a porter address. All your packages are delivered to your doorkeeper delivery address. The porter receives the packages for you and signs for delivery. The porter then sends you a notification and keeps your package safe until you can pick it up. Once you can receive your package, you’ll merely use the doorman app and schedule a home delivery anytime between 6:00 p.m. and midnight, 7 days a week.

Amazon locker

If you purchased from Amazon, you can use their Amazon Locker to have your package delivered. You can leave your package in an Amazon Locker for up to three business days. A unique pickup code will be sent to you by Amazon when your package arrives at Amazon Locker.  You’ll got to go and collect it yourself. Amazon lockers have early morning and late evening hours and a few of the locations are open 24/7.


Have your parcels delivered to a single Parcel address. Parcel receives your parcels for you and has them delivered the same day in the evening with four one-hour slots of your choice (7 pm-11pm). Parcel can even keep your packages for up to 30 days.

Exchange box

You can have your packages shipped to a Swapbox address. When your parcel arrives at a Swapbox branch, you will receive a PIN code to collect your parcel. Their kiosks are all monitored.

What is packet storage?

Parcel storage is simply a secure address to have your parcels delivered. According to a national study, it was found that:

  • About 59% of American citizens receive package deliveries once every week
  • About 43% of American citizens have had a package stolen.
  • Around 64% say they have been the victim of parcel theft more than once.

About the 29th say that they had a package stolen throughout the pandemic, and lots of were victims of package theft for the first time.

With the ease and popularity of online shopping, people prefer to shop from the comfort of their own homes and have their purchases delivered right to their doorstep. This has increased the business opportunities for delivery companies and therefore you have a choice of options to choose from today. Among the most popular are Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and USPS. However, they also struggle with issues of lost packages and erroneous deliveries.


An annoyed Reddit user posted about his experience with a UPS service gone bad. He had bought a Macbook Air and it was delivered to the wrong address by UPS. He had to contact Apple Support, initiate a UPS investigation, and arrange for a refund or replacement. After many emails and phone calls, he finally got a replacement. But UPS delivered and left their replaced MacBook Air on their front porch! They weren’t supposed to leave his delivery without his approval. He was just lucky the second time around because no one stole his package from his porch.

Everyone is living in a time crisis these days. You may not always be available to receive your delivery on the day it arrives. Even with all the systems in place, you still face package delivery issues like missed deliveries, missed packages, or stolen packages. This is where Package Storage involves your rescue. The Package Storage in NYC solve all of your package delivery issues.

How Parcel Storage Helps New Yorkers

New York City is widely known around the world as “the city that never sleeps”. And it is rightly called that. New Yorkers lead very busy lives. Everyone in New York is always busy and has places to go or to go. With hundreds of things to do and accomplish every day, we try to make our lives easier by using modern gadgets and technology just to have a little more time to do more things. This is true in terms of purchasing and receiving packages. The presence and wide availability of online shopping sites have made it possible to save time by avoiding going to a grocery store to make daily purchases or to buy a birthday or Christmas present.

While the little buying is solved with the online shopping sites, a new kind of problem has arisen with it. The problems of missed deliveries, missed packages and stolen packages have become so prevalent that it has become extremely urgent to have a safe and secure delivery address to have your purchases delivered. That’s the reason we have Package Storage NYC today.

Package Storage

Package Storage NYC makes sure that you receive the packages that are delivered to you. Now you can rest assured that every time a delivery is made, you will surely receive it. The availability of parcel storage helps you do whatever is on your mind and get your parcel when it’s most convenient for you. The storage of packages not only relieves the building porters or recipients but also the delivery person, knowing that the delivered package is safe. Plus, it saves you all the time and inconvenience of investigating what happened to your package, the trouble of reporting a lost package, and not to mention the anger and frustration it causes.

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