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How much does it really cost to move to a new home? We’re not just talking about the fees associated with selling your property and purchasing a new one. Sometimes, the total expenses associated with moving can be a lot higher than you realize, particularly when you factor in things like packing services, surveying, legal costs, and more. Since moving to a new home can be one of the most exciting, but also stressful, experiences for a person, it’s important to approach the process well-prepared. We’ve put together this guide to the costs that impact your move, so you can make sure you have the right budget ready for your next big step.

How to Calculate Your Moving Costs

The average cost of a local move will be a lot smaller than the cost of moving somewhere far away. That’s because you have to pay less for things like flying or shipping your furniture to different cities or countries. Figuring out what kind of costs you can expect to pay is a good way to reduce the stress involved with changing your residence. You can determine whether you’ll have enough cash left after re-mortgaging to handle things like buying new furniture or decorating your home. If you can’t afford the added extras associated with moving, you can always look into taking out a personal loan to help pay for needed expenses. To calculate your moving costs, make a list of all the fees you’re going to need to pay.

Calculate Moving Cost

  • Travel fees: How much will it cost to move all of your furniture from one home to another? If you’re renting a van, you’ll need to take this into account, as well as the number of trips you’re going to make.
  • Packing services: If you’re paying for someone to help you with packing and moving heavy furniture, make sure you take this cost into account. If you’re moving everything yourself, estimate how much your moving supplies are likely to cost.
  • Moving services: Are you going to be paying people to reassemble and disassemble any products or furniture you’re going to be taking on your move? Do you have any special items that need to be handled with extra caution?
  • Legal fees: How much will it cost to sell your house, get an attorney to approve the paperwork, and set up your mortgage in the new place?
  • Storage: When you’re preparing your new home for your furniture, you may need to keep some items in storage. You can also store certain items when showing your house to potential buyers to make it look less cluttered.
  • Try for yourself with this: Moving Cost Calculator

Remember the Costs After the Move

Remember it’s not just the costs of the actual move you need to consider, like renting a van and fuel for your cars. You’ll also need to think about the costs of decorating your house and getting it to a state you’re happy with. Most people won’t be thrilled with the appearance of their home as soon as they move in. You’re going to need to experiment with some different decorations and even pay for professionals to help with things like crown molding, building in shelves, and painting your home. Carpeting and flooring are other common expenses to consider. Ask yourself how much of your new home you’re going to want to change. If you’re not happy with the furniture you’re taking with you into your home, you may need to replace some of this too.

If you can’t afford to change everything in one go, it might be best to make a list of your top priorities or the issues that you want to fix first. For instance, if you hate your new home’s carpets, then you can invest in the flooring before doing anything else. For other people, the biggest priority will be fixing the garden and getting it ready for summer.

Managing Moving Costs

Moving costs can quickly add up, but being prepared should stop you from falling victim to any nasty surprises. Once you know how much it’s likely to cost you to move into your new home, you can also look for ways to save money. For instance, renting a moving truck is often cheaper than hiring a moving service. You can also get rid of unnecessary belongings to cut down on the amount you have to move, and ask your friends to help with some of the hard work.

We hope you found this blog post Common Factors that Affect Your Moving Costs useful. Be sure to check out our post Three Strategies to Help You Fund Your Dream Move for more great tips!


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