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A Logistics Company is essential for providing logistical solutions for firms. Such a company offers certain deliverables such as warehousing, shipment, and distribution. Manufacturers concentrate only on achieving optimal manufacturing outputs and outsource other works to logistics companies. Such companies sign a contract with manufacturing companies to provide a host of services popularly known as a third-party logistics provider.

Important Functions

1. Order Processing

The primary function of these logistics companies is to process the client’s order. The company delivers these orders based on the specifications of the customers, including payment methods, delivery pin code, product descriptions, and time, etc. They will even get online orders dropped at the doorstep as per the customer’s wish.

2. Stock Management:

Stock Management is an essential function of logistics companies to manage the required amount of stocks. It will help manage the shortage of stocks while having a grip over the inventory level at the warehouse. This stock management strikes the right balance between the stocks’ availability and the demand of the customers. Here the company keeps a tab on individual costs such as inventory cost, carrying charge, etc.

3. Warehousing Service:

A warehouse is a building where the Logistics Company stores the finished goods until the the products get delivered. Here the Logistics Company takes decisions related to the warehouse such as –

  • Number of warehouses to stock goods
  • Ownership of warehouses
  • Location of warehouses
  • Design
  • Layout

4. Transportation Facilities

The Logistics Company’s next function is to choose the right mode of transportation to deliver the stored goods to end-users. Here the company takes decisions related to means of transportation and cost of transport. The choice of transportation modes mainly depends on the nature of products and the extent of urgency on the part of the customer as expressed during the time of placing the order.

5. Material or Product Handling

Another essential function of the Logistics Company is to protect the product or material with great care to avoid any loss of resources. Here the significant decisions include

  • Automation of handling of material
  • The volume of product that the company must protect
  • Speed requirement to manage the goods transportation

6. Packaging & Dispatching

The packaging is another crucial function of the Logistics Company, as secured packaging is necessary for the product to reach to the retailers without any damage caused. It is essential to pack the products with great caution to achieve ease of supply chain management while eliminating the risk of any possible damage to the product.

7. Providing All Information From Order Processing To Dispatching

It is a common function of a Logistics Company to share the information regarding the process of manufacturing to stakeholders. Starting from processing the order to the dispatching, the company provides clear information to stakeholders using IT software tools.

Advantages of Outsourcing Services from Logistics Company

1. Provides Different Types Of Vehicles For Transportation

In business, you need to handle clients from different parts of the world. Sometimes transportation of goods requires the use of cargo planes or ships. But with the Logistics Company overseeing creating a well-connected network of transport partners across the globe, you will get excellent transportation service using different types of vehicles.

2. Reduce Your Business Costs

For handling your huge business, you may wish to create your own logistics department. But this is not easy, as you need to loosen the string of your wallet on hiring new employees, purchasing machines and items, etc. But when you outsource this, you can cut down on these expenses.

3. Improve Business Performance

The main advantage of outsourcing is that it leverages your business performance. You can get good relief, as you don’t have to deliver goods to the end-users on your own.


Therefore, a Logistics Company offers you a multitude of benefits and helps you improve your business outcome. It is better to outsource the intricacies of delivery procedures to a Logistics Company rather than creating your own logistics department.

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