Exposed aggregate concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete is one of the most popular ways to increase the beauty and aesthetic value of a property’s exterior. This process began to be widely used in the 1900s, and since then, exposed aggregate concrete has remained a top choice for decorative customization of buildings.

The process of creating exposed aggregate concrete could be compared to any other form of polishing which enhances the quality and visual appearance of the concerned object. In this process, the topmost layer of the concrete is ripped off from the surface, and then exposed aggregators are applied on the surface to make it durable.

A Decisive Yet Artistic Way to Upgrade Your Construction Outlook

Nowadays, stenciling and stamping are quite common, but the potential of exposed aggregate concrete can never die off. This centuries-old technique of beautifying a surface is still being used for its ability to upgrade the surface’s appearance, and can also enhance its functional attributes.

The undefined, rough and natural finish that results from this process is beneficial for slippery surfaces. You can use such aggregators to make your surface skid-resistant. Thus, there are quite a lot of benefits to this process as well.

Various surfaces such as sidewalks, pool decks and driveways implement this concept to reduce the smoothness of surfaces and increase friction. This helps in having better traction on such slippery surfaces, and thus avoid accidents.

Exposed Aggregate for Your Home Interior

While there are quite a lot of practical advantages of exposed aggregate concrete, it is undeniable that this feature looks stunning on most surfaces. The texture provided by this process is very aesthetic and quite magnificent.

Moreover, placing exposed aggregate concrete on interior walls is also a very viable way to make them soundproof too. Homeowners who are considering in renovating their home interiors might consider trying this concept. People can also use exposed aggregates in and around their commercial buildings. It can make the floor chemical and water resistant.

Advantages of Implementing Exposed Aggregate Finishes

The effect of exposing the second topmost layer of concrete has several benefits, apart from the artistic finish it provides. This technique is very affordable as it does not require too many raw materials, nor does it require a whole lot of tools. Thus, the overall process of installing exposed aggregate concrete is very cost-effective and requires relatively little effort to achieve.

You can put up exposed aggregates as a DIY project. You do not need to hire specialists. It is incredibly cheap to maintain, as well. The natural finish of this process makes it very rugged and low-maintenance. You do not need to spend a huge amount to maintain them.

After covering a surface with exposed aggregate concrete, the surface becomes very rough, and thus prevents most of the accidents that happen due to a slippery surface. Thus, driveways and poolsides use this technique most of the time.

To get accurate and desired results, you can even play around with paint and textured patterns to produce a wide range of different styles and patterns. Moreover, the finalized rugged surface is quite firm and can efficiently withstand harsh climatic conditions as well. To install a floor with such aggregators, you can search professional services online. They can easily install such exposed aggregators with their advanced tools.

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