Do you know which self-storage to choose in case you need it?

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There are different kinds of self-storage for every need. You may need self-storage because you are moving or renovating your property or simply need extra space to store your products. For every unique and specific reason, you would need a particular kind of self-storage. Not all self-storage types are equal. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

To help you in determining which kind of self-storage best suits your needs, this post will list the different kinds of self-storage and share the pros and cons of each.

After reading this, you’ll easily be able to determine what kind of self-storage suits your unique personal needs.

What are the different kinds of self-storage?

There are three different kinds of self-storage available in the market:

  1. Outdoor Self-Storage
  2. Indoor Self-Storage
  3. Mobile Self-Storage

Outdoor Self-Storage

Outdoor self-storage easily provides the biggest possible space to store your things. They are usually used to store boats, machinery, caravans, and vehicles. Outdoor self-storage is made easily accessible for customers. They are roofed spaces that have mesh or wire as dividing walls. Items and objects that can withstand rough weather can be placed here.

Outdoor self-storage is preferred by many because customers can easily drive through it. However, it’s not the perfect place for highly valuable objects.


  • Offers a big space that can store large items
  • Can store machinery and vehicles
  • You can easily access your items by driving through
  • Loading and unloading with a moving truck is very easy because it is outdoors


  • Not suitable if you have lots of small items and household furniture
  • Also, not suitable for highly valuable objects because it does not provide strict security
  • Not suitable for items that are temperature-sensitive because it is outdoors and is subject to changing weather

Indoor Self-Storage

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Indoor storage or storage lockers are highly secured self-storage options that will allow you to store items in a gated and locked indoor facility. Also, indoor storage can allow users to store objects under climate controlled conditions. In indoor storage, you can be sure that your items will always be placed in a stable environment with a constant temperature. People that want to highly secure their valuable items prefer indoor storage. Today’s indoor storage facilities offer state of the art security with 24/7 security cameras and security personnel.

When opting for indoor storage, you need to choose if you’d have ground-level access or upper-level access. Ground-level access is more expensive because access to it is easier and faster. If you want to easily access your items, you should opt for ground-level access. But if you don’t mind using the elevator to access your goods, upper-level access would be perfect or you.

When you contact a reputable storage company like storage units Liverpool, the professional staff will assist you in selecting the right storage facilities for your needs.


  • Can perfectly store small items like household furniture, wine collection, or office archives
  • Provides state-of-the-art security in a gated facility that is monitored 24/7
  • Can offer options for users to have objects stored in climate-controlled spaces


  • Cannot store big objects like vehicles, motorcycles, or boats

Mobile Self-Storage

Mobile self-storage is a highly convenient storage option that will give you flexibility and all the time you need. It can be brought directly to your home so you’re at your leisure in packing and organizing your stuff that needs to be stored. Once you’re done, the container can be conveniently collected and kept in a storage facility. Mobile self-storage boxes are like small shipping container storage that you can use anytime and anywhere.

When you use mobile self-storage, you get to choose if you’d like to have your items kept in an indoor or outdoor storage facility. Pricing will vary depending on the size and number of your mobile self-storage containers and the facility that you’d choose to store it in.


  • Perfect for people that need more time in organizing the items they want to store. Once it’s delivered, you can take all the time you need in sorting your items and valuables.
  • Best for people who do not enjoy working in a rushed manner
  • Easy on-site access. Mobile self-storage is perfect when you’re doing a renovation. As it can be placed in your backyard, you can easily access items that you’d need while you’re renovating.
  • Perfect for people wanting to sell their house. You can easily store your personal items on the premises while your house is still on the market. Once a sale is finalized, you can easily have it moved to a secured facility. You can then have it delivered to you once you’ve moved to your new house.
  • A great alternative to removal services. With mobile self-storage, you can pack at your own pace and speed. You will not be rushed and can choose when the container will be collected from you.
  • Offered in different sizes. Unlike other self-storage options, mobile self-storage comes in different sizes. You can opt to choose small ones or really big ones like shipping containers.


  • Cannot store big objects like cars and boats
  • Not suitable for items that need a space with a controlled temperature

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We hope you found this blog post Different Kinds of Self-storage: Which One Suits Your Needs Best? useful. Be sure to check out our post Moving Easier: 8 Reasons to Use Self Storage During a Move for more great tips!


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