Based on information from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, people living in houses across the United States paid an average of 13.34 cents for every kilowatt-hour of electricity they used, which is still increasing. Without electric panel upgrades, it can become very likely that your home isn’t processing electricity as efficiently as it could be and can be calculating higher fees on your bill. Because the cost of power keeps getting higher, those who own their homes always look for methods to spend less money on their energy usage. 

Upgrading the electrical panel is frequently considered, but does it result in lower electricity costs? In this text, we examine how upgrading your electrical panel might affect the price of electricity to give you a clear idea if it is a good investment.

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Understanding Electrical Panel Upgrades

Before we look into how changing the electrical panel affects the cost of electricity, it is essential to know what this upgrade means. An electrical or circuit breaker panel is the main point that sends electricity around your house. It manages the electric current going to various circuits and devices, ensuring your electrical setup is safe and works well.

Upgrading an electrical panel means you change an old or not good enough panel for a new and better one. This work can be different in size – it might make the panel bigger to hold more circuits, or it could mean putting in a modern smart panel with unique features.

The Potential Benefits of Electrical Panel Upgrades

Improved Electrical Safety

Many homeowners upgrade their electrical panels to make their homes safer. Old electrical panels might not follow the new safety rules and could increase the chance of having an electric fire or getting shocked by electricity. When homeowners switch to a new panel with the latest safety functions, it becomes less likely for accidents to happen and helps keep their family and home safe.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Another possible advantage of updating electric panels is that they can save more energy. Newer panels are made to give out electricity better, so less power gets wasted. The better performance might mean you pay less for electricity because your machines and gadgets work more efficiently.

Compatibility with Energy-Efficient Technologies

Many people who own homes are considering using clean energy, like solar panels and charging stations for electric cars. Improving your electrical panel can help your house use these new technologies in a good way. This compatibility can lead to long-term energy savings as you harness renewable energy sources.

The Costs of Electrical Panel Upgrades

Upgrading an electrical panel brings many advantages, but it also comes with expenses. How much you pay to upgrade your electrical panel can change a lot because of where you live, how complex the upgrade is, and what kind of features the new panel has. Typically, a house owner might spend between $1,000 and $3,000 to upgrade their basic electrical panel. If they choose an advanced smart panel or need significant changes in the electrical system, it could cost more.

The Impact on Electricity Prices

Now, we will look at the central question: does making your electric panel better reduce power costs? If you improve your electrical panel, it can help to save energy, but this might not change the price you pay for each kilowatt-hour of electricity. Your utility company sets the price for your electricity. This cost considers more than just what is needed to run the electrical systems in your house; it also includes things like the expense of fuel, fees for delivering power, and charges from government regulations.

Electrical panel upgrades reduce electricity bills in these ways:

Energy Efficiency

As I have said before, making your electrical panel better can help save energy in your house. If your machines and other electrical things work better, they use less power. Over time, this reduced consumption can lead to noticeable savings on your electricity bills.

Reduction in Electrical Waste

Old electric boards might not be efficient because they are old-fashioned. It results in some of the electricity getting lost on its way to your machines at home. Switching to a better efficiency panel can reduce waste, ensuring you use the electricity you are paying for in the best way.

Compatibility with Time-of-Use Rates

Utility companies have electricity prices that change at different times of the day, called time-of-use rates. The cost for each kilowatt-hour changes with the time. If you have a new electric panel, like those smart ones, they can be set up to use power, mainly when it’s cheaper. You can save money by using more electricity when the cost is lower and less when it is higher during busy times.

Final Thoughts

Updating your electrical panel might not change the price you pay for each unit of electricity because this cost mainly comes from the company providing power. Yet such upgrades may save money by making energy use more efficient, cutting down on wasted electricity, and allowing your house to work better with technologies that use less energy and time-of-use pricing. 

It is essential to consider the long-term savings and initial costs when deciding to improve your electrical panel. You should talk with a professional electrician who can look at your situation and help determine if it’s a good choice for your house.

We hope you found this blog post on Do Electrical Panel Upgrades Reduce Electricity Prices? useful. Be sure to check out our post on Tips to Packing and Moving a Solar Panel System for more great tips!

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