Dorm or flat

This article will be useful to both university applicants and students who are faced with the decision to rent accommodation. Flat or dormitory? – is the main question students ask when searching for accommodation for the period of their studies.

The majority of students believe that living in a flat gives more comfort in contrast to staying in a hostel, but each option has several advantages as well as disadvantages. Everyone is different and has different requirements for living, so it is impossible to say so completely. Anyway, you can rent a flat or a room in the dorm in bad condition, without maintenance and with old furniture, or a flat or a room in the hostel with good maintenance and new furniture.

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Advantages and disadvantages of living in the hostel

One of the biggest advantages of living in the hostel is the cost of the rent and the proximity to the university of your choice. Often dormitories are located close to university buildings or on campuses, so you do not have to spend time and money getting to the university. It is easier for students who live in a residence hall to make friends, and they learn an open mind, an ability to change, and a willingness to compromise. If students have questions about their studies, they can always ask for help from their peers who also live in the dormitory.

Although student life in the dormitory is fun, it requires adherence to clear rules, which students often perceive as a restriction on their freedom. If you’re a lover of quiet and need your moments of solitude, you won’t enjoy this type of accommodation, as you’ll always be in the crowd, having to put up with each other’s habits and behaviors. Another disadvantage of living in a dormitory is that, often because of internal dorm rules, it is forbidden to use small appliances (such as a kettle and microwave), which effectively limits the habitual life of a student. Also, most hostels do not have refrigerators, so you will have to find such “luxuries” on your own.

There are 2 types of dormitories: hallway type and section type. Hostels are of the hallway type; they consist of rooms with access to a common hallway, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a shower. Sectional-type dormitory, as opposed to the corridor type, consists of two to five rooms with a bathroom, shower, and kitchen. In the hall type of the hostel, students feel more comfortable than in the corridor type. Regardless of which dormitory you choose, you should remember that things left in the kitchen may be shared, or they may be ‘borrowed’ from you.

Advantages and disadvantages of living in a flat

The comfort of living and privacy that allows you to study undisturbed is one of the main advantages of flat living. Another advantage of flat living is that there is no control or restriction on your freedom as compared to a dormitory, where students live according to the internal regulations of the dormitory. A meeting with the landlord takes place once a month, but only if you live in the flat without a landlord. You are your boss in the flat and you can set your own rules and regulations.

The main disadvantage of renting a flat is the cost of living, which is slightly higher compared to a hostel. You should take into consideration that apart from the rent you will have to pay for the municipal services: waste removal, charges for water, electricity, gas, additional media Internet and so on. 

The cost of a flat very often depends on the location and the tenant’s requirements for the flat. Therefore, students often rent a flat together with friends and live in a room for two, or live in a flat with the owner, which saves on the rent of the flat.

In general, whichever type of rental you choose, you should consider all the advantages and disadvantages, and only then make a final decision.

You have said goodbye to school and entered your long-awaited adult life. Parallel to the main task of getting off to a good start in school, there are many secondary tasks associated with household chores, personal life, entertainment, and extra income. And there’s still a lot of catching up to do. Let’s try to figure out how to deal with the problem of time in a student’s life.

What does student life consist of or how to plan your day?

The life of young people is like a boiling volcano – boiling and unstoppable. No longer in school, but not yet adult, every day has to do a lot of things, while at the weekend the program only increases. Before advising 1st-year students, let’s find out what chores are mandatory in everyone’s life.

Household peculiarities. Each member of the family has their household chores – ironing things, cleaning the flat, cooking meals, going out with their little brother, etc. When planning your day, such small household chores are elementarily forgotten and reminded of themselves as an “unexpected” housecleaning when you are just about to go for a walk.

The road to place of education. While the school is chosen based on the place of residence, other criteria apply when it comes to choosing a college or university, and it is often a long way to get to the place of education. 

Study process. Figuring out how to study in time is the first-year student’s biggest challenge. Homework, homework, reports, and presentations take up a lot of energy, especially if a student is interested in quality education. If you count the number of hours you spend every day on your studies, you wonder how you have time for anything else.

Work. It is not easy to build a successful career, especially if you plan to work in business and get a high salary. With the advancement of technology, a management or finance profession requires unique competencies. A job for a student helps to acquire the right skills and practice their application. That’s why many freshmen (second year at the most) try to forge, especially since it’s a significant boost to their wallet.

College social life. Studying at an educational institution is not only about education but also about socialization. Workshops, concerts, festivals, excursions, campaigns, and group projects contribute to the formation of a mature outlook when you can take responsibility for your actions. Participation in social life is an important point for those who want to achieve a lot and should not be ignored.

Attending events. A computer technology exhibition? A new book launch? A concert by a trendy rock band? Chocolate festival? There are plenty of events to attend around the world. How can a student, who is always busy with his studies and work, cope with everything? Socializing, partying, night clubs, quests, romantic walks – there are so many interesting things in life, and you don’t want to sit at home with your books. After all, even excellent students and the most fierce “crammers” do not refuse entertainment, without which the life of youth is simply impossible.

The lack of time is one of the biggest problems in young people’s lives. Having parents and the absence of everyday problems (housing, food, pocket money, etc.) does not change the matter, chronic failure to succeed remains the main “student disease”, because life is so short, and there is so much to do.

We hope you found this blog post on Dorm or flat: where to stay during your studies? useful. Be sure to check out our post on How to Move from a College Dorm to an Apartment for more great tips!

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