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In a survey of 2,000 people in the US, LG Electronics and One Poll found that the average person cleans their house seven times per month and deep cleans five times in a month, according to Study Finds. People clean their homes to maintain germ-free living spaces. However, cleaning is also one of the most vital things you need when you’re moving out to a new home.

Besides deep cleaning, you need to clear your house of items you don’t use. Clearance helps you lighten your load, saves time when packing, lowers transportation costs, and it gives you peace of mind since it enables you to declutter. So, how do you handle these tasks? Read on to learn a few essential cleaning and clearance tips for your home.

Prepare for Clearance and Cleaning

Planning where to start and finish is key to enjoying a smooth home clearance process. With this in mind, go through each room to determine how many hours you’ll spend on clearance. Typically, clearing one room should take at least 12 hours for two people. Once you’ve estimated how long the clearing will take, go into each room and label the items you don’t need. Then group those items in one corner to ensure they don’t mix up with your essentials.

Consider Hiring Professional Services

If the idea of getting rid of clutter sounds overwhelming, finding professional clearance services may be a perfect option for you. With the help of experts, you can sort through your items easily and decide which ones you don’t use. After clearing, you’ll want to ensure your home is sparkling clean and free of allergens.

To achieve this goal, consider hiring professional maid services that offer eco-friendly cleaning. Green cleaners follow eco-friendly home cleaning practices, including less harmful processes and non-toxic products to make homes spotless. Green cleaning also promotes healthier lifestyles that are earth-friendly.

Sell or Donate Things You Don’t Use

After clearing and cleaning your home, you can decide to sell valuable items like artwork, jewelry, and antiques to antique buyers or auction services. Items like clothing, books, furniture, and cutlery consider selling them at Etsy or other online shops at low prices. Alternatively, donate your household items to charity organizations.

Also, research the best ways to dispose of household items without harming the environment. For example, put less toxic things like broken toys, furniture, and electronics in a skip bin. For flammable, toxic, and explosive items, contact your local council for professional advice on how to discard them safely.

As a tenant, you want to leave your house clean, just like how you want it to be when moving to a new home. To ensure your home is sparkling clean, plan for clearance. It’s also wise to hire professional cleaning services and determine whether to sell or donate items you no longer use, and make sure to discard old electronics and toxic materials safely.

We hope you found this blog post on Essential Cleaning And Clearance Tips For Your Home useful. Be sure to check out our post on The Ultimate Move Out / Move In Home Cleaning Checklist for more great tips!

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