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Kitchen updates are sometimes much needed, but even when we add some of the most updated gadgets the kitchen doesn’t look that good. It is probably because of the old décor that is in the kitchen. If you really want to change the entire look of the kitchen then you have to work on every corner of the kitchen. Since the kitchen cabinets cover most parts of the kitchen, upgrades should include the cabinets. Painting kitchen cabinets is a way to liven up any kitchen.

Giving fresh paint to the cabinets is a good idea. Fresh paint will change the entire look of the kitchen which would go well with the updated vibe of the kitchen. There are so many different colors and designs that you can choose for painting kitchen cupboard or cabinet.

But painting the cabinets of the kitchen can be an involved task to get that perfect finish on the cabinets. This can take a lot of time as you first have to remove the old paint from the cabinets. Fortunately, there are some ways to make cabinet painting a bit faster. You just have to plan for it in the proper way. Here, get some of the finest ways to paint your kitchen cabinets without even sanding the cabinet that you need to know:

The First Step Is To Get A Kitchen Cabinet Painting Kit

If you want to make painting the kitchen cabinets hassle free then you have to use a kitchen cabinet painting kit. Here you would not only get some amazing paints but at the same time, you would also get the best painting tools. This would make the entire painting experience pleasant and easy for you.

Get the Pointing On The Cabinet Done Before Painting

If you are going to have different colors on the cabinet then it is very important to point the painting areas. This would help in precision painting of the cabinets. The pointing would not be visible as you would always apply a double coat of paint. Make sure to use light hands while painting over the pointing on the cabinet.

Clean the Cabinet Completely With Soap Water

You cannot work on dirty cabinets so the first thing to do is to clean the cabinets. You don’t have to clean the old paint but you at least have to clean off the dirt and any dirt residue from the cabinets. Washing the cabinets with some soap water would be the best way to clean the cabinets properly to paint them later.

Remove the Bumpers Like Drawers And Doors From The Cabinet

You need a smooth surface to start painting, and if the doors would be connected then that will be an obstacle for you. Here you have to separate the drawers and doors of the kitchen cabinets. You have to paint these parts separately after painting the main cabinet body. This will make things very easy and fast for you.

You Have to Work On The Dry Surface

Cleaning of the doors and cabinets would make the surface really wet and you cannot work on a wet surface. You have to give time for the surface to dry before you start painting on it. It takes about 12 hours to completely dry the surface of the cabinet so that you can start working on it.

Apply Bond Coat Before You Apply the Paint

The bond coat will make the surface smooth for the painting so that you will not even have to sand off the surface. This would also ensure the longevity of the paint on the kitchen cabinet. You have to apply a double coat of bond coat before you cover the cabinet with paint and the paint will turn out to be amazing.

Apply the Protective Layer After You Paint The Cabinets

Painting the cabinet is not the only thing that is important here, as you have to protect the painting as well. If the paint is protected then it will last longer which is a great thing. Applying paint protection after the painting is the best way to protect the paint from chipping off.

Set the Doors and Drawers Of The Kitchen Like It Was

After the cabinet paint dries up, you can take the moment to arrange the cabinet like it was. This is the last step that you have to take while painting the cabinets. You can start using the cabinets after you would arrange them properly. This will not even take much time which is great.

You Should Always Cover the Kitchen Areas Where You Don’t Want Paint

This is one thing that will reduce your work required for painting of the kitchen cabinets. The paint literally goes everywhere so it is always a good idea to cover the areas you don’t want the paint on. You can literally uncover those areas later on and skip heavy cleaning of the paint at the same time.

We hope you found this blog post Finest Way To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding | DIY Tips useful. Be sure to check out our post Simple and Effective Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Help You Big-Time! for more great tips!


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