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Are you planning to move? Well, many felicitations, we know you must be very thrilled! But, now that you have found your dream house, you sure would need a helping hand to get ‘moving.’ Of course, moving to your dream home can be a stressful, extraordinarily time-consuming experience. In fact, it is something that could quickly get you bankrupt – this is if you end up hiring amateur movers or worse – a fake moving company. Here are things you should consider when Hiring a Reliable Moving Company.

Which Moving Company?

A respectable moving company, however, can prove to be a huge asset while planning your move to the new destination. That’s right. Having a reliable moving company by your side is no less than a miracle. Yes, we heard you! It sure is a daunting task, but we have got your back, so keep that bucket of worries aside. A wrong decision can make the moving journey a bumpy one and to put it literally, a total nightmare.

Read on so that you do not have to fret about anything when making the final decision regarding choosing a moving company.

Ask For Recommendations:

Don’t pay attention to every Tom, Dick and Harry’s suggestions. It is crucial for you to have a reliable source to get your way to a reputable moving company. Therefore, ensure you seek help from the correct sources. Consult the local real estate agents or look in the phone directory to locate the moving companies that have offices in the vicinity of your home.

Other than this, you can also ask for recommendations from your friends or someone who has recently moved out. Having said that, do not wholly rely on the suggestions, but look for one yourself too, only then you can minimize the underlying scams.

Online Reviews:

Now that you have identified a few moving companies look out for how their reputation had been. In this digital age, the first thing you could do is search and read online reviews about the company you want to hire. Dig as much as you can the customer service history and study the online customer ratings.
Furthermore, it is essential to know how long the company had been in business to be sure about their efficiency.

Look for References:

Ask the chosen moving company to bring you some testimonials as this is what endorses a company’s credibility in an unbiased voice. At least ask for three to five references from previous customers if the reviews aren’t posted on the website.  You can even contact the loyal customers personally and inquire about their experiences with the company so that you could get a clear idea about the company’s reputation and work ethics.


Yes, you read it right! It is paramount here when you hire a moving company as well. Make it a point to get the estimates in writing so that later there arise no chances of inaccuracy. Also, before penning everything down, get the weight of the stuff, and the amount of space each would occupy accurately so that no alterations are needed to make at the last minute, and the company plans everything accordingly. Also, get the list of the stuff printed too so that you have a checklist in hand for tracking and tallying.

Compare and Choose:

Be cautious of the ones quoting a meager price as they, most likely, will be a scam. Similarly, do not go for professional movers offering the highest quote. Stop believing that vague law of quality that the greater the price, the better the quality.

Instead of hiring the first company you come across, take three to four quotes from different movers and then sit and compare. After thorough math, choose the one which fits in your budget and is the most efficient of all. With so much of a competition, the companies for sure would negotiate on the price.
Also, take into account what does the cost involve. Whether there are different charges of business days and weekends; if yes, is the company providing you with better rates on a Saturday than on a Monday? Compare everything, analyze it against your allocated budget and then make your choice.

Cut On Costs:

If you are looking for means to cut on the charges, try and do the packing on your own. This way, your belongings would be safe from any possible damage. Moreover, the costs associated with packing would automatically be eliminated as the charges of boxes and other packing materials would not be there on the bill.

If you opt for a mover to pack the stuff for you, make sure to inquire a bit about his experience. Seeing your belongings being carelessly chucked into a container without considering the possible damage it might cause would be the last thing on earth you would wish for.
In addition to this, pay through a credit card so as to minimize the chances of forgery and of course, for a smooth transaction.

The Indicators:

To begin with, any moving company’s representative who does not take into account what needs to be moved out and how and just opts for a quick walk-through estimation is an indicator of not a good option to go for. An excellent and efficient worker would always tour and talk in depth about how to take the moving process.

Hence, choosing a company with well-structured pricing packages, particularly with attention to minute details is something that can save you a whole lot of trouble and misunderstanding later on during the moving process. This is another factor that can help you choose the right moving services NYC and avoid the dubious ones.

This is it! You are good to go. With moving comes an excessive pressure, which demands quick decision making. Just take it easy and keep your guard on. Take your time while you choose the moving company.  Be clear about what you need, and everything shall itself fall into place real quick!

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