The number of people who moved between states in 2022 was approximately 8.2 million. That’s a lot of people dealing with the backbreaking chore of heaving a hefty canvas cover over a load, adjusting, tucking, and tying it down – a ritual that adds a frustrating hour to every pick-up. Well, you can avoid all of this with the curtain side truck for your next move. 

It seamlessly melds the open accessibility of a flatbed with the protective prowess of an enclosed trailer. Say goodbye to tarp troubles and let a curtain-side truck simplify the art of moving, one flexible PVC-coated vinyl curtain at a time.

Courtain Truck

What exactly is a curtain side truck or trailer?

Think of a flatbed truck equipped with a distinctive feature – canvas curtains along each side. These curtains, easily drawn back, facilitate the seamless loading and unloading of freight, particularly well-suited for palletized goods accessible by forklifts.

The design of a curtain sider incorporates a flatbed with a roof structure supported by a headboard and tailboard featuring roof rails and supports. While they excel in handling palletized freight, their adaptability extends to various loads, including large bags and other items, as long as they can be loaded from the side or secured properly.

Some curtain siders offer loading flexibility from the top, accommodating loose freight like woodchips. Although the curtains themselves provide a degree of load restraint (with their own rating), unlike the more enclosed box body trailers, they necessitate additional securing measures such as straps or chains. Primarily designed for security and improved aerodynamics, curtain siders also shield the cargo from adverse weather conditions.

The curtains are held taut by buckles along the sides, hooked under a rail, ensuring a snug fit. At the front, a curtain pole fits into a hole in the roof rail, secured by a ratchet mechanism for tightening. Some curtain siders feature a mezzanine or ‘mezz’ floor, enabling the transport of larger volumes of freight that cannot be stacked too high.

The curtain side trailer isn’t just a trailer

There are many benefits that make curtain side trucks the preferred choice for savvy drivers and logistics professionals. If you are thinking about renting or even buying a curtain side truck – it’s a good choice! Here’s why:

Speedy load and unload

Imagine a world where loading and unloading are no longer synonymous with time-consuming hassle. With the curtains pulled back, the trailer transforms into pure accessibility. Forklifts can swarm in from both sides and the rear simultaneously, orchestrating a ballet of efficiency. Drivers can bid farewell to prolonged stays at loading docks, swiftly getting in, out, and back on the road in record time. For residential moves, larger items become much simpler to load and unload.

Simplified partial packing

Gone are the days of the “first on/last off” loading dilemma. The curtain side trailer introduces a paradigm shift, offering independent access to all parts of a load at any point along the route. This translates to a logistical dream – the ability to execute multiple drop loads if required during long-distance moves seamlessly from a single trailer. Say goodbye to the constraints of conventional loading practices; the curtain side trailer empowers you to tailor your deliveries with unprecedented flexibility.

No tarp required

Tarping, the notorious bane of flatbeds, becomes a distant memory with the curtain side trailer. While federal regulations mandate the securement of cargo inside curtain sides, the process is streamlined and hassle-free. Say farewell to the arduous task of manhandling a heavy tarp and welcome the simplicity of securing most loads with efficient straps. Drivers can now focus on driving rather than wrestling with cumbersome covers, fostering a safer work environment and more efficient use of time on the road.

Loading a curtain sider to keep things smooth and safe

First, don’t open a curtainsider that’s doing its best impression of a bulging bicep. If it looks like the freight inside is playing a game of Tetris, it’s best not to unleash the curtains just yet. You don’t want a surprise avalanche of cargo raining down on you. Open from the back or the opposite side first to play it safe.

If it’s a windy day and your curtain sider is catching the breeze like a sailboat in a storm, open the lee side first – the side that doesn’t get slapped around by the wind. This way, you give your trailer a little windbreak, so you’re not wrestling with the curtains.

Pro tip: Always check those buckles. Loose ones can start flapping around, smacking passing cars like an unruly flag. Tighten them up, keep it neat. It’s also important to note that curtains have ratings and expiration dates. Make sure yours are compliant and haven’t passed their prime before you hit the road. Safety is the name of the game.

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