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This is a question New Yorkers regularly ask. People in New York City tend to move pretty often. Homeowners in NYC stayed in their homes for 8.1 years in 2022. Apartment dwellers moved even more frequently: a survey found 40 percent of NYC residents had moved in the preceding five years.

Moving in NYC usually means hiring a moving company. With many NYC apartments’ narrow halls and steep stairways, you’re typically better off having pros handle your move. They have the experience and tools to move your furniture and belongings safely and efficiently without risk of damage or injury to anyone.

But when should you think about booking a moving company, and how much should you expect to pay? This post will help answer those questions. If you’re thinking of relocating in NYC and want to know how much to budget for a move, this information may interest you.

How Much Should I Pay for Movers in NYC?

Just as each person’s moving needs differ, the amount each person will pay for a move will vary. Typically the rate will be based on the amount and weight of your belongings, the distance you’re moving, and any other services you may need, like packing or storage. The best way to get an accurate price for your move is to consult with a mover and request a quote. You may want to contact several NYC movers and get a price range.

For shorter-distance moves, NYC movers tend to charge by the hour. Here are rough estimates for an apartment move within NYC:

Studio: $700-$900

1 Bedroom: $900-$1300

2 Bedroom: $1300-$2500

3 Bedroom: $2500-$3700

These estimates are for labor moving only and don’t include any other services. Also, remember that many movers count tips as part of their income, so you must include that in your budget.

For longer-distance moves, companies charge based on the number and weight of items to be moved. But if you have a lot of heavy furniture that will require disassembly and reassembly or fragile items that need special handling, that also will affect the price.

Another factor is how long it takes to load and unload your belongings. A lot of NYC buildings are quite old, and the apartments are only accessible by stairs. NYC movers are experienced at guiding items up and down stairs, but realize that this will take longer and raise the rate.

If you need other services, that will add to the price. Moving companies can pack and unpack for you. Moving companies’ trained packers will come to your home with packing supplies and materials and safely and quickly pack your belongings to get them ready for transport. They are skilled at packing fragile and oddly shaped items and can usually get everything packed much faster than you can. But if you want to save money you can pack some things yourself and leave the fragile and large items to the pros.

How Much Is It to Hire Movers NYC?

This depends on the type of move. Generally, a move of more than 60-100 miles is considered long-distance. For local moves, NYC movers charge an hourly rate, whereas for long-distance moves, they may charge a flat rate or base the charge on the number and weight of items to be moved.

As mentioned, add-on services like packing and storage will add to the price. Other factors can also affect the rate: if the movers must move items up and down stairs, if parking rules require them to park the moving truck some distance away, and if they must wait in traffic while transporting your household goods—these will all affect your moving rate.

Another thing that can increase the cost is if you have heavy items or things that require special handling, like a jacuzzi, a piano, a heavy chandelier, or delicate artwork. NYC movers have the training and tools to deal with such items, and it’s worth it to leave the transport of these items to professionals, but just know this will factor into the moving cost.

Finally, the time of year will significantly impact the cost. Moving during the summer typically incurs the highest rates because it’s when movers are busiest. If your schedule is flexible, you might consider moving between October and April, when many movers will have lower rates.

Also, try to avoid the weekends. Movers are usually less busy in mid-week.

How Much Do Movers Cost Per Hour NYC?

For local moves, NYC movers typically charge an hourly rate, which ranges from $65 to $90 per mover per hour. The lower range is charged by an uninsured company you might find on Craigslist or TaskRabbit. Commercial moving companies will charge more, but will bring more tools, experience, and professionalism to the job. When reviewing a moving company estimate, check the fine print and ensure all the services you need are included.

How Far in Advance Should I Hire Movers In NYC?

Ideally, you’ll want to start contacting moving companies as soon as you know about the move. The best idea is to book a moving company at least two months before moving day. For moves during peak moving season (the summer), 12 weeks is even better, and for international moves, up to six months ahead. For local moves, you can wait until two weeks before moving day. Just know that the earlier you reserve, the more selection you have and the better deal you’ll get.

We hope you found this post, How Do I Find Movers in NYC? useful. Be sure to check out our post, Questions to Ask the Moving Company Before You Hire it for more great information.

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