Nampa is a beautiful city that has so much to offer for its residents. With its growing population and excellent home prices, you may be wondering how much it costs to live in Idaho. If you want to make the move to Nampa, ID, have a look at how much it will take to relocate to this gorgeous city. 

Why Do People Want to Move to Nampa?

Nampa, Idaho is located just a 23-minute drive from the state capital of Boise which means it’s the perfect city for anyone who wants to live close to the major amenities without living in a metro area. The city’s population has been on the rise in recent years and it is the third most populated city in the state. 

The city has many parks and a large number of high-rated schools which makes it ideal for families who are looking to relocate. It’s been ranked as the #6 Best Suburbs for Young Professionals In Idaho and the #7 Best Suburb to Live in Idaho by They have also been rated very highly for their diversity and inclusivity. 

Residents in the city love the great community, the beautiful weather, and the diverse population the city has. They also enjoy the amazing location and proximity to other cities like Boise and Meridian. 

What is the Real Estate Market Like in Nampa?

Real Estate in Nampa

Nampa has a great real estate market which consists of 8 neighborhoods with varying home prices. The median home listing price as of October 2021, was in the low $400k range which is a 40% rise in the last few years. The market in Nampa is considered by real estate experts to be a balanced market which means that the supply of homes is meeting the demand. 

Homes for sale in Nampa will stay on the market for an average of 51 days before selling and as of December 2021, there are over 1000 homes on the market that are available. There are also over 50 rentals available that range from under $1000 to the upper $2000 range. The real estate available is varied from empty lots that are perfect for building to large homes so there are many different styles to choose from based on your price range. 

What is the Cost of Living Like in Nampa?

Nampa has a cost of living score of 94.6 which means it is lower than the national average for living costs. This is great for anyone who wants to move close to large cities like Boise without paying the inflated costs that come with living in the big city. They have a much lower rent and home cost than the national average. 

Nampa is close to Boise so it’s the perfect city for anyone willing to make the quick 20-minute commute. The cost of living average in Boise is around 2% higher so it’s much better to live in a smaller city like Nampa. The most cost-efficient neighborhood to find a  home in would be the University district with an average home price in the upper 200k range while the most expensive neighborhood would be the Airport District with an average home price sitting in the lower 400k range. 

What Is the Employment Rate in Nampa?

jog opportunities in Nampa

The town has been graded with a B+ by for its business growth, unemployment rate, and cost of living. The unemployment rate sits at 2% which has gone down from previous months with a high of 3.3% in June of 2021. This shows that the town is on the upswing economically and they are doing well coming back from the pandemic. If you are looking to find new employment or open your own business then now is a great time to do it in Nampa. The current average household income for residents is between $50k and $75k. 

The largest industries in Nampa include food processing, agribusiness, technology, and manufacturing and many large companies like Heartland RV, Plexus Corporation and Amalgamated Sugar have their headquarters located in the city. These businesses have flourished for years and the industries have continued to grow in the area. 

Final Thoughts on Nampa

Overall, the cost of living in Nampa is much lower than both the national and the state average and the cost of real estate is great right now. It’s one of the best cities in Idaho to move to if you want to start fresh with your family or to open up a new business. 

  • The cost of living is lower than the national and state average.
  • The median home host is in the low 400k range.
  • There are many homes available in various price ranges. 
  • The average household income is $57k.
  • The employment rate is low and the growth rate for businesses is high.

All of these reasons make Nampa an ideal city for you to take a chance on. If you’re thinking about making the move to Nampa, now is a  great time to consider it. They are located close to many different amenities and the Boise airport is just a quick drive away which makes it great for anyone looking to start a business. Nampa is a great choice for anyone who’s looking to move to a beautiful city with so much potential.

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