Preventive Maintenance

An ounce of prevention can make up for a pound of cure, which also stands true for your HVAC system. Opt for commercial HVAC services in Pensacola for preventive maintenance at least once a year, and your system can improve its lifespan for several years.

Generally, you should consider having your AC checked in spring while your heating system is in the fall, and here is why!

Why Preventive HVAC Maintenance Is a Must

Summer is hot in Pensacola. Just last year, in June, Pensacola residents had to face 101 degrees Fahrenheit. With that kind of temperature, you don’t want summer catching you unprepared.

If you don’t have AC maintenance in spring or later, your system will be prone to mid-summer breakdowns, and who knows how those hot temperatures will affect your work and what fights you’ll have with your spouse. When you have your AC serviced, a professional technician will ensure that it’s working at its peak and will be ready for the hot summer months. They will oil all moving components and check-up every component thoroughly. 

On the other end, your heating system needs an inspection in the fall because if winter catches you unprepared, you won’t be able to enjoy your holidays. Finding a technician then will probably be more complicated and more expensive, so preventive maintenance won’t just ensure that everything works accordingly, it might be even cheaper than doing a repair later. Your furnace will be grateful for it, too, because it will 100% increase its lifespan.

Advantages of HVAC Maintenance 

Many people want to cut down their costs when they wish to take care of their home, but maintenance is more often than not the best way to save money. HVAC systems can’t operate at their peak efficiency without regular maintenance, and once there is a lack of maintenance, you will see it in the energy bills.

They will get higher because your unattended HVAC system will need to consume more energy to work as it deals with its issues. But this is actually the lucky scenario. In the worst scenario, a lack of maintenance can lead to some costly breakdowns.

Regular HVAC maintenance prolongs your system’s life because it will minimize its risk of damage. Even if the damage is fixed, you won’t know what its repercussions will be in the future, so it’s best to avoid them altogether through maintenance, especially preventive maintenance.

Apart from this, you and your family will benefit from a healthier environment as maintained HVAC systems improve air quality. If you go away from home during the winter months, and your HVAC system breaks due to a lack of maintenance, you will have another costly situation on your hands that could have been prevented through preventive maintenance.

In the end, how often you should perform preventive maintenance strictly depends on your system and the recommendations of your HVAC technician.

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