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Every home has an established electrical system, and we are unable to perform many activities without electricity as this is an essential component of our daily life. However, electrical systems can become loose or can deteriorate over time, which can be dangerous. Therefore, it is critical to do an  home electrical inspection to avoid any kind of accidents like catching fire due to malfunctioning electrical equipment.

A periodic inspection entails regular checks and accompanying testing to determine whether all electrical components are functioning correctly. An Electrical Installation Condition Report will be issued following the requisite inspection and testing. The report details any faults, damages, unsafe situations, or noncompliance with current safety requirements that might become a risk. 

The information below addresses how frequently you should get an electrical check performed in your home.

Before Making Major Home Renovations

If you’re planning significant home improvements, especially building extensions, you should have an electrical assessment performed before you begin work. There are two main reasons for this: you need to ensure your wiring system can handle all of those new outlets and fittings, and if any adjustments or upgrades are needed, you can save time and money by doing them at the same time as the remodeling.

Following Storm Damage

Every year in the United States, 51,000 residential fires involving electrical distribution are reported. Every year, 500 people are killed in these accidental fires. 

Thunderstorms are quite common in Charlotte, and lightning strikes can cause electrical problems. Therefore, electrical services are in higher demand in North Carolina’s most populous cities, such as Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro. That’s why the ESFI (Electrical Safety Foundation International) in the US also recommends getting the electrical panel checked, especially in North Carolina homes by a qualified electrician every 3-5 years. North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida electrical service companies do electrical inspections to guarantee your safety.

Remember that severe weather can inflict irreversible damage to your electrical system. The most critical reasons to schedule a post-storm inspection is to find out if there has been water damage to a wired component of your home, if tree limbs or other debris have brought down electricity lines on your property, or if a portion of your home has been struck by lightning.

If You Are Suffering From Sudden or Reoccurring Issues

If any component of your electrical system fails, you can experience unexpected problems. If the same issue continues, even if it is a simple  factor like light bulbs burning out rapidly, it could be a symptom of a potentially serious problem. An electrical inspection is a right technique to determine the condition.

For Private Home/ Rental Property/Old Homes

An electrical check should be performed on your home every ten years if you’re a North Carolinian, especially from areas like Raleigh, Charlotte or Greensboro. New residences have more modern electrical wiring than older homes. The recommended term for any home electrical inspection is ten years. So it is essential to remember this fact when moving to a new place.

It is recommended that the landlord or owner have an electrical inspection conducted every 3-5 years for rental property. The same advice applies to owners of older homes.

Old construction has a shorter time frame for inspection because of the outdated electrical wiring, leading to rapid deterioration. Furthermore, landlords should do a thorough electrical check before renting the house to ensure that all electrical wiring is secure and functional.

Signs You Need an Electrical Inspection

These guidelines are applicable only when all is working smoothly, but if there are some issues an electrical inspection could be conducted sooner. The key question is, “How to tell if something is wrong with your electrical systems?” 

Here are some recommendations and warnings to watch whether all your electrical components are operating efficiently:

1. Light Flickering

Multiple appliances connected to the same circuit are more likely to be the cause of wavering or dimming of light fittings during normal use than a problem in the fixture. A power-hungry appliance, such as a heater or washing machine, can consume a significant amount of energy.

To test the appliance and the circuit, contact an electrician, who will be able to install and upgrade the present circuit They can also verify whether the heavy-duty appliances are properly powered and protected.

2. Circuit Breakers Trip

Fuses and circuit breakers are intended to protect your appliances as well as your home. When the requirement is greater than the supply, they blow or trip. This avoids an overload and may prevent damage or even a fire. Have an inspection at an electrical repair in De Pere, WI and check the condition of your circuit breakers.

If the circuit breakers frequently trip while using specific equipment, the appliance may be defective. If the breaker trips when you use a particular outlet, the circuit may be overloaded. Seek the opinion of an electrician regarding a circuit upgrade or installing an additional one.

3. Sparks

Sparks resulting from the use of any outlet or power usage may cause fire, which is not acceptable. An inspection should be conducted by a professional electrician to find out the cause.

Any sparks from an appliance may indicate that the device needs to be inspected. It may require repair, which, if available, is usually covered by the appliance’s warranty.

4. Unusual Odor

While operating a new appliance, there may be a slight odor when light oil or grease is burned off. This should not take long, but if it continues, there might be an issue.

Stop using the power. Make an appointment with an electrician to inspect the system.

5. Strange Noises

Electrical circuits should not generate any noise. Any buzzing noise is not normal. This could result from poor wiring, loose connections, or damaged appliances.

Stop using the appliance, outlet, or circuit if you can identify the source of the weird noise. Seek the assistance of an electrician to diagnose and resolve the issue.

6. Hot Switches or Sockets

Any heat emanating from your electrical wiring, switches, or outlets should be taken seriously. A continuous warm socket is mostly a normal issue, but if it turns hot, have it checked.

Even high-power devices, such as heaters, should not be subjected to excessive heat from the power source. Try plugging the gadget onto a different outlet. If this is not the case while using a different outlet then get the original outlet checked. An outlet that gets heated even when no electrical equipment is plugged in, may have a wiring issue. Stop using it until it is checked.

Key Takeaways

All the issues listed above need an electrical examination. These issues can occur at any time. There are occasions when hiring an electrician to inspect the electrical wiring is necessary.

When purchasing a home, you should consider having the entire structure inspected for electrical flaws. This is especially important in an older home in case the electrical wiring is not updated by a skilled electrician recently. If you are planning a large renovation in your house, have an examination performed to search for any electrical difficulties. This could be the best time to perform system enhancements.

We hope you found this blog post on How Often Should You Have a Home Electrical Inspection Performed? useful. Be sure to check out our post on How Professional Electricians Help with Outdoor & Landscape Lighting for more great tips!

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