Do you want to ship your vehicle elsewhere? Maybe you chose a company but were not aware of some rules and regulations? Or maybe you have made some minor mistakes while exporting your vehicle? Here are the best ways on How to Avoid the Most Common Car Shipping Mistakes:

Along with the worries of moving all your personal belongings to another city or state, you will need a way to transport your car. With the availability of thousands of car transportation companies, people can easily ship their expensive vehicle with various levels of quality. By taking the right steps, you can successfully make research of shipping companies, which further help you in saving money, time and energy. Shipping your vehicle can avoid wear-and-tear, high gas prices, toll fees, lodging costs and saves countless hours. 

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Tips for Avoiding Common Car Shipping Mistakes

But despite this, people make mistakes while transporting the vehicle. Therefore, it is essential to start planning your shipment well in advance. If you want to ship your car, you should start doing your research at least 2 months in advance. Furthermore, you should also book your shipment at least a month in advance.  For example, the agents of a shipping car from NZ to Australia will help you in choosing the right option. Once you decide everything about shipping organization, review the list and avoid these below-mentioned mistakes.

  • Do Not Forget to Check Out Your Shipping Company

The carrier vehicle corporations must be authorized and registered. While choosing any shipping company, do not forget to determine the companies’ website for evading any unforeseen situation. Avoid exporting your car with a company that is not listed or will not grant you with their DoT or MC number. Therefore, do not rely on verbal agreements or promises. Make sure your transport company provides everything in writing. It is recommended that ask for references from previous customers as well for complete peace of mind. 

  • Submission of Incorrect Documents

A trustworthy and good car moving company issues several documents before they collect your car. These documents comprise of the bill of lading. Vehicle registration and certificate of insurance that determines that the car relates to you and you have the right to ship it. But, make sure that these documents are in proper order. In addition, make sure that you fill out the vehicle inspection report.

Then, the company inspects your car and note down every occurrence before transporting. Once your car is delivered, you need to do another inspection to ensure that it did not sustain any damage. Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare the right documents. 

  • Not Doing Enough Research

While looking for shipping organizations, people search with the term “shipping companies” or other any kind of similar search term. And then, they immediately book with the first company that they find in the first position. But, there are some unreliable organizations that are not good in their quality services. Some companies offer attraction in order to generate possession in customers regarding their services. But, this can total several hundred dollars in order for your shipment to continue. If you do not pay, then they hold your car. Not only this, you may face some unforeseen damages during transportation and your shipping company may refuse to pay for it. Some of them may offer poor customer services.

However, there are good and trustworthy companies out there that can ship your car. You just need to do the research in order to verify and book your car shipment. While choosing a company, it is recommended that read customer reviews to see what their past customers say about a vehicle transport company. Caravan Auto Transport’s top-ranked transporters, are one of the most trusted car shipping experts, whether for a luxury high-end vehicle or a family minivan. They provide an affordable transport option without compromising the safety and convenience of the shipping process.

  • Being Absent on the Car’s Pick Up and Delivery Date

One of the most common mistakes that car owners do is missing out on the pick-up and delivery date of their vehicle. During transportation, it’s possible for your car to get scratched or damaged, especially if the shipping company has the wrong relocation planning. Therefore, you need to be present when your vehicle is moved, keep in touch with the movers, and supervise the whole process.

Aside from being present, you also need to document the damage before and after the shipment. Write down the condition of the car before transporting and conduct a visual inspection once it’s delivered for damage during the shipment. That way, you can file a claim if damage was caused by the company.

  • Not Communicating with the Movers

Although shipping companies provide a specific pick-up or delivery date, the exact date might be difficult to predict as it can’t be guaranteed. Unexpected occurrences such as heavy traffic, car accidents, and weather changes can happen anytime and delay the delivery of your car. Also, delays are possible as there are other cars on the truck that need to be shipped.

That said, it’s important to give your contact number to the movers as they’ll inform you in advance of the estimated delivery time. Communicate with them regarding the arrival of your vehicle to prevent further delays.

  • Ignoring Insurance Coverage

A vehicle without insurance coverage is one of the greatest mistakes that usually people make. But, a trustworthy shipping company grants you insurance coverage for protecting your vehicle from any damage or theft. So, it is recommended that you request the company to show you the appropriate insurance certificate and understand all things you want to cover under the policy. If you observe that the insurance cover is not enough, then you may be obliged to spend some extra amount to protect your vehicle. 

  • Do Not Forget to Empty Your Car

It might be an immeasurable approach to pack your car with all your peculiar belongings to ship your householding easily to other countries. It saves you from having to move them yourself. But, car transport companies are prohibited from shipping any personal belongings that contain household items. If you pack your car with such items and any damage occurs on the way, then the company will not cover it. When the transporter is inspected by the Department of Transport during its journey, then they could actually seize all your belongings. Apart from this, the additional weight is likely to improve your costs, so it is always best to ensure that your car is empty. 

  • Not calculating Shipping Quotes

The rates of vehicle shipping in NZ and other countries like USA, Australia, UK etc quoted by moving companies and it varies from company to company. Therefore, it is important to find a company that provides you with the best value for your money. An effective way to do that is to look for a company that provides you with a free online shipping quote calculator. This helps you with an exact evaluation of how much an agency prices you to dispatch your car.

Also, remember that shipping quotes can never be fixed as they vary based on the size of the vehicle, location, distance traveled, season. Likewise,the mode of transportation. If you move your vehicle in an enclosed container or carrier, then it must obligate you to pay much higher than vehicle transportation through Ro-Ro carrier. However, choosing the wrong company can ruin your moving experience. 

  • Avoid Paying too Much

Car transport charges vary from company to company, and the same business might price you different amounts. It all depends on the type of services you want to consider. Ensure that you know how much your transportation organization is going to cost you and exactly what services they are contributing.  In addition, make sure that there are no extra hidden costs available.

Most organizations provide the shipping quote free of charge. It helps you to compare the costs of different services and choose the appropriate one. Therefore, it is important to measure every aspect and determine the right price for delivering your car. If you want to export your car on a particular date, then you may require to spend a little more. 


Obtaining an acknowledged car transportation organization can begin your process of delivering a vehicle is accessible. When a car or vehicle is shipping to New Zealand and other countries, ensure that you evade all the above-mentioned mistakes. After all, using car transport services is a convenient way to ship your car across the country. 

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