How to Color Block in Interiors – Infographic

In fashion, it’s not unusual to see trends related to color blocking. It’s something that can really make a statement as it’s about choosing eye catching colors and making them work together. An example in fashion would be to wear a cerise pink top with a red pleated skirt – those two colors are intense but put together they promote a color blocking theme that can really stand out. Color blocking isn’t for the faint hearted; sometimes people veer into wearing black constantly, almost like a uniform because they want to fade into the background, they don’t wish to standout. But it’s a fun theme to play with when getting dressed and can instantly add a pop of wow to your outfit! 

However, did you know that the color blocking trend doesn’t just apply to fashion? It can also apply to interiors too! With the advent of Pinterest and other social media platforms, homeowners love to play around with their interiors; they also like to see what others are doing and just like fashion, trends can come and go! A color blocking theme in interiors can be done with furniture or paint and you can go as full on as you want. The best advice we can give is to start small with it and see how it works. Perhaps you have a walk in wardrobe or a lesser used room that you can experiment with initially?

Try it!

Alternatively, take a look at your furniture from a distant and objective view point and see what colorful items could be put together to create something new. Working with existing pieces of furniture means that you don’t have that cash outlay but you still get a new look. It might mean moving that blue ottoman from the living room into the bedroom to color block with your newly painted sunset yellow walls! Take photos of all your colorful furniture and then create looks that will work cohesively together. It’s lots of fun! 

The guys from EZ Living Interiors have put together this handy infographic that outlines all you need to know when it comes to working with your interiors when you want to color block. The graphic is super handy as it breaks down different segments of the home to outline what you need to know to get in on this trend and includes some top tips! Check out the full details below.

Colour Blocking in Interiors

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