How to Cope With a Big Move

For many people, moving can be a fantastic and exciting experience. It is often filled with the idea of new adventures, new people, and most importantly, a new home. In essence, moving can offer a fresh start, leaving many individuals hopeful about their future. However, the same can’t be said about the moving experiences of many other people. Here are some tips on how to cope with a big move.

How to Handle a Big Move

For those looking to purchase a new home, the circumstances requiring them to move can be unexpected and stressful. Anything from needing to relocate for their job, losing their current employment, or even family illness or death could require someone to quickly need to change up their lives and move to somewhere new and unfamiliar. On top of that, if people have grown attached to their homes and the people they know in their area, moving can bring about a lot of “what if?” questions.

For example:

  • For instance: “What if I regret my move?”
  • “What if I can’t stay in touch with my friends?”
  • “What if this doesn’t work out the way I expected?” 

Because of this, there is often a negative association with the word “moving.” Especially if you don’t have the help of professional movers to handle all aspects of your move. But after the chaos that could happen in the beginning stages of house hunting, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Despite the stressfulness of this unfamiliar situation, there are many ways to ease the process and help you make the most out of your moving experience.

Create a Structured Plan

When it comes to moving, you may feel as if your life will quickly become more and more hectic. Having a lack of structure and an unorganized lifestyle during a move can be one of the biggest sources of stress. However, planning ahead of time if the perfect way to combat a source of worry. Even in unexpected circumstances, outlining a plan will give you an edge when it comes to de-stressing for a big move. 

A sense of structure can often escape one’s mind during a big move from all of the hectic events taking place. But the great news is that there are several tools that are easy to use and super convenient! Google Calendar or even just a physical planner can assist you in mapping out all of the events that will be taking place between now and the move. This will help prevent any unexpected events from popping up and adding more unnecessary chaos to your life. It also gives you time to figure out when you will have time to pack and prepare to move.

You should also consider creating a budget for your move. You can do this by tracking your weekly expenses and comparing them to your weekly income. Defining a spending limit and income allocation for a month will allow you to take care of any bills that might need to be paid off before a move. It can also give you an opportunity to look for areas that you can save money on, such as with coupons on moving services. Having your finances in order is just one other way that you can find structure in your life during a particularly busy time. 

Automate What You Can

Many people view new technology becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives as a bad thing. But what people may not know is that there are a lot of great options for using technology to your advantage!  Digital conveniences have the ability to take weight off of your shoulders during a move. With new automated technology, there are a lot of great options available when it comes to getting the job done in with the touch of a button.

While you could write out a budget on paper, there are now online banks available that offer features such as automatic savings and early paychecks with direct deposit. These characteristics allow you to take on budgeting with a hands-off approach. Because many online banks are now  offering these great features, you’ll be able to sit back and relax while your finances handle themselves. When searching for online banks to help you manage your savings, make sure it’s FDIC secure so that you know your money is in safe hands.

If you care about the cleanliness and organization of your new home, look into buying in automatic home cleaning items, such as a robot vacuum. A messy house can be a huge cause of stress in many people’s lives, especially with  a big move in the back of their minds. In order to counter the stress that may come about from this, consider putting a robot cleaner to work on keeping your home clean. This could be a great investment to make to keep things a bit neater and make your life easier and less stressful.

Find Stress Relief Tactics

When it comes to stress, remember that there are lots of options available to help you relax and feel less stress and pressure from all the difficulties of moving, such as traveling around and trying to keep up with bill payments. Whether you’re overwhelmed from a move or nervous about a big date, the same stress relief tactics will all prove effective in helping you feel the best that you can. The most important part of choosing an effective relaxation strategy is taking the time to try out different methods until you find one that works best for you. 

One great way to relieve stress is to take the time to meditate. Whether you try guided meditation online or simply practice deep breathing on your own, taking the time to sit down, breathe, and focus, is a great way to help ground yourself and reduce the negativity and stress that is bringing you down. While this might not be something that will work for everyone, meditating has many positive benefits when it comes to stress relief. 

Another thing you can do is participate in a hobby that you enjoy. After all, you shouldn’t be spending every hour of everyday planning and preparing for a move. Allocating your time so that you have the energy and the hours to do what you love can help make the moving process as enjoyable as possible. 

Spend Time with Friends and Family

Before leaving your current home, it’s imperative to spend quality time with your closest friends if moving is going to increase your distance apart. To remain closely connected with people that you care about,  it could be beneficial to take action early when it comes to devising a plan for communication and scheduling your next meet up in person, whether it be in your current location or your new one.

Bringing your friends and family closer is always a special moment, but before a move, it’s even more vital to plan something that is going to celebrate your next chapter. To show appreciation for the bond you share, invite your relatives and besties to a going away party. Going away parties can be bittersweet, but also be a great way to have one last “Hoorah!” before you change towns. Send out a handwritten invite to your friends and family to let them know that you’ve been thinking of them!

Another great way to stay connected with friends is through social networks. If you’re tech-savvy, try creating a group chat with all of your friends from home so you can easily stay in touch with everyone after you leave. Most social networking platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, offer group messaging options so that you can stay in contact with your close friends before you have to leave. 

While moving can be an overwhelming time, there are a lot of great ways to help you cope with the stress that comes with the process. With the right amount of planning ahead, you’ll be ready to go in no time, allowing you to enjoy your next big adventure, as well as your new home!

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