Boxes after Moving

There’s always a profound moment of relief when you unpack the last box. Your move is over, and you can now enjoy the new house. However, a new reality strikes before you can breathe that sigh of relief. There’s a mountain of cardboard boxes that needs a new home. It’s a common experience that families face after moving.

The first thought that will close your mind is throwing them into the garbage collection site. However, there are some environmentally friendly alternatives you can adopt to deal with post-move boxes.

1. Upcycle Your Boxes

You don’t have to give the boxes away when there are multiple upcycling opportunities at home. You can always use your moving boxes at home in various ways. For example, you could create some fantastic costumes for Halloween or build a children’s playhouse.

If you’re creative, you can use the boxes to create a photo display at home. You can also assist your kids in creating some toys and other play items. The possibilities of using post-move boxes through upcycling are endless; it only depends on how creative you’re and want to be.

2. Use them for Garbage Removal

Besides upcycling, you can always use moving boxes for a garbage removal. Over the years, homeowners have been using plastic bags to remove garbage from their homes. With the current environmental awareness and the impacts of plastics on the environment, it’s advisable to use cardboard boxes because they’re environmentally friendly.

Also, you can sell your boxes to trash removal companies. Today, multiple garbage removal organizations use cardboard boxes to remove garbage in the estates. They present an opportunity to get a few dollars for your boxes.

3. Sell Boxes on Craigslist

You don’t have to struggle to hold your moving boxes at home. They’re not only disorganizing your newly arranged house but also eating precious space. You can quickly dispose of them through your city’s craigslist. As trends have shown, cardboard boxes are always in higher demand. People are even willing to spend some dollars on such boxes. You’ll quickly get an interested buyer by listing them on such sites at throw-away prices.

4. Drop them at a Local Recycling Facility

The most popular method of removing your boxes is dropping them at a local recycling facility. However, not every cardboard box should be taken to the recycling center. Only those boxes that did not survive unpacking and cannot be put into any other use should be dropped in such facilities. As discussed above, moving boxes in good shape can be used for other purposes.

Remember, you don’t have to spend your time moving waste cardboard boxes to the recycling facility. Most moving companies will assist you with this task after unpacking for free. Avoid circumstances where your moving company may charge you an extra fee for dropping your moving boxes at a recycling facility.

5. Donate Your Boxes

Plenty of places and organizations can make maximum use of cardboard boxes. If you don’t want to hold your boxes for a fee, which will take some time, you can quickly donate them to local moving companies, garbage removal companies, libraries, and charitable organizations that need storage boxes. You can also ask your new neighbors if they need cardboard boxes. Some might use them for storage, while others might use them to prepare compost.

We hope you found this blog post on How to Dispose of Boxes after Moving useful. Be sure to check out our post on Ways to Reuse Cardboard Moving Boxes for more great tips!

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