get rid of a couch for free

Maybe you have finally decided to move out from your home and want to sell the old couch. Or rather, have finally embraced the minimalist life, or you fell in love with this new couch and just had to do over the entire living room. Either way, there are plenty of ways you can get rid of unwanted furniture like an old couch.

How to Get Rid of a Couch for Free

It can be difficult sometimes to know how to get rid of furniture and appliances especially, if they don’t fit in your car. The good news is that, the days of carrying a couch to your friend’s kid’s new dorm room, or placing it at a curb with a sale sign are over. Here are the top ways to get rid of your ratty old couch.

Call and ask Whether Waste Management Will Take It

A lot of trash companies haul oversized items if you just place them at the curb. Mostly, they will refuse but you will have to call and check if you are one of the few lucky ones. Do not leave it out at the curb without finding out first. Chances are you will only end up dragging it back inside with the soot of the entire neighborhood on it.

Whether or not waste management hauls large pieces of chunk or furniture is dependent upon where your house is. Sometimes, you may live in an area that offers a bulk pickup. They will happily take your furniture but not any electrical items. Sometimes, waste management companies will offer a special tag that you can stick to your couch and they will haul it on their regular pickup route. This is more likely a free option in case they charge for a special bulk pickup.

Are You Replacing Your Couch?

Sometimes, companies that you buy your new furniture or appliances from, offer the services of hauling the old item which you are replacing. This is more often offered when the size of the furniture is huge. You can always revisit the fine print of the arrangements that you make with the new dealer. Or rather, call the company you are ordering the new couch from about special provisions.

You don’t have to lift a finger and don’t need to pay a dime for it. Sometimes, it is the delivery guys who will offer this service.

Try Listing it Online

You will not believe the things that you can list on websites, like craigslist, and have them sold almost instantly. It does not even matter if your couch is old. Remember that you might not be selling your couch but are getting rid of it and willingly to give it away for free if they just pay for delivery.

If you post this item on a website where people visit to buy things, they may not take you seriously. Therefore, be strategic about where you post. You will find tons of Facebook marketplaces for this very purpose.

Donate It

If you live in a large city this will be very easy to pull off. Thrift shops like Arc, Salvation Army, and Goodwill are usually around most corners and will also offer to pick up your items if they are in a decent condition. If you are not sure, get the couch cleaned up.

This could complete a nice home for somebody else. However, some of the organizations are known to make a fuss about the size of the furniture and claim they only pickup appliances or couches of a certain size. Therefore the smart thing to do here is to call beforehand and make sure that you ask whether they will accept the exact size of your couch.

A Free Yard Sale

This is the world’s basic move and there is a reason for it too. By the time you put up the sign a couple of people will ask you about it, by the time you get back to your front door, someone would have already claimed it.

This tactic works in certain conditions. You cannot expect a couch to sell immediately if it is way too big. Other people looking for furniture may not be able to haul it. If it’s a fairly new piece or a set of couches then you can invite the neighborhood to take it off your hands. On top of this, there are certain other factors you must take into account. No matter the size if you live in a high traffic area you are going to find that getting rid of an old couch is very easy.

Moving can encourage you to get rid of the old furniture and buy a new couch or bed for your new house. Local movers won’t have to deal with fitting your big couch in their truck on moving day. It’s always a good feeling to buy new and improved furniture for the house!

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