Store artwork when relocating

Do you own an art gallery or do you purchase art regularly, only to find it damaged when you get it back home? Maybe you want to know how to protect your art when moving. There are a million things that could potentially damage your artwork during a move or simply while it sits in storage.

This can become an even bigger issue with artwork that is more delicate than others or more susceptible to the elements. If your artwork isn’t adequately protected, even the smallest drop of liquid or scratch could have dire consequences. That’s why it’s a good idea to protect the artwork while being transported or stored.

Here are a few ways to ensure the best protection for any art piece as you transport it.

1. Proper Packing for Artwork

When transporting any piece of art, you should consider using bubble pouches. They are made out of 2 sheets of solid plastic with air bubbles inside. They are lightweight and heavy-duty when it comes to packing art. Even better, you will end up saving a lot of money on postage. Bubble pouches are available in numerous sizes. Start by placing the framed artwork in the bubble pouch.

Next, you should place cardboard on every corner to protect these areas. You should make a top or side opening for the bubble pouch. Also, most of them come with an adhesive strip, so you should be able to close the artwork securely in the pouch for transport.

You can also reuse the pouches if you want an affordable way to move your artwork safely. If you have electronic devices such as Kindles, laptops, or anything else, you can also use these bubble pouches for safe transport of such delicate items.

2. Archival Storage Boxes

You can also transport and store your artwork safely in archival storage boxes. They come in proper sizes so that you can place the artwork flat inside without any wrinkling. The corners of an archival storage box are reinforced with metal. As such, if you stack them safely, even if they fall apart during transport your artwork should still be safe.

They are a safe way to organize your artwork. That’s because, during transport, you can label the boxes by the date or event. That way, you don’t have to remove the pictures or artwork from the boxes to confirm what it is. You should be able to find them easily when you need them.

3. Clear Bags

Many interested art lovers might come to your gallery to view the artwork on display. This is a good thing, but they might want to touch it, which will be undesirable because the oils from their skin might damage the artwork’s surface with time.

If you want to avoid such damage, you should display the artwork in clear bags. They are made out of plastic to allow visual clarity, so customers can see your artwork without touching it. They also prevent dust buildup.

Try these methods to store and transport your art pieces safely.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

We hope you found this blog post How to Move and Store Artwork When Relocating useful. Be sure to check out our post How to Decorate Your Home With the Best Online Art Gallery USA for more great tips!


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