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packing a garage when moving

When it comes to packing up your home for a move, the garage may often be the last room to be packed, for very good reasons. While packing up the other rooms of the home, your garage can be the temporary storage for all other belongings you’re not yet bringing with you. It can also be a storage space to clear your home of clutter during the open house dates. 

Whatever the reason, the garage can get cluttered with all sorts of things when moving. You may not be able to pack up your entire garage with you, as that only means potentially bringing in the same mess and clutter to your new home. Your move can be smoother and cheaper when you only take with you those things you need. 

So, what are the best ways to deal with your garage when moving? This article lays down some tips and tricks:

Arrange For A Donation Pick-Up

Your excess clutter can benefit someone’s home. So, before thinking that the final destination of the things you no longer need in your garage is the landfill, consider searching for local charities and donation drives first. In fact, some donation organizations will even have pick-up services, so you won’t have to worry about sending them your belongings up for donation. You can start looking at or the likes for easy and hassle-free donating. 

When sorting your garage, have boxes designated for donations, for packing to take with you during the move, for throwing, for selling, and for handing over to your family, friends, or neighbors. As much as possible, the ‘for packing’ group should be smaller than the others. You’ll be making so many households and organizations happy by giving and donating the things you’re not bringing with you. Plus, the less you bring during the move, the cheaper your moving expenses will be too.

Purchase Your Packing Supplies First

Once you’re done getting the items to donate out of the way, now you’re left with those you need to sell, give to family and friends, throw away and pack. Before further sorting through your garage belongings, be sure to have packing supplies ready. Start with the basics: boxes, tape, old newspaper, among others. 

When you have packing supplies ready, packing can be smoother. You won’t have to consistently go through the cumbersome process of going back and forth to your local supplies store when you’ve run out.  

Moreover, purchasing your supplies early on may even translate to cost savings. For instance, you can keep visiting department stores and supermarkets during their delivery days, as that’ll mean they’ll have lots of boxes to give away. Why buy boxes when you can ask for those – for free?

Get Rid Of What You Can’t Pack

There are some common items you may have in your garage that you absolutely can’t take with you during the move. Those are hazardous materials that are only going to be a safety risk while in transit. Rather than risk falling into trouble with the law, leave those items instead to give away and donate. 

Some of those common hazardous materials found in garages include:

  • Cleaning supplies;
  • Aerosol cans;
  • Chemicals;
  • Paint;
  • Fertilizers and pesticides.

Organize A Garage Sale

Moving is an expensive pursuit. As much as possible, you’ll want to be able to lower the cost of moving to make it lighter in your pocket. Especially if your move is sudden, this means you may not be financially ready for the expense it entails. Whichever way you can add money to fund your move, it’s a good method to help out with the moving expenses. 

Once the move is final, schedule a garage sale over a weekend. You can have it on multiple weekends if you have to. And when you organize a garage sale, you’re able to hit two birds with one stone: first, you’re clearing your garage, and second, you’re earning money from it. 

Organizing a garage sale is almost always going to be a big hit. Who knows, there might be an expectant parent living nearby looking for the baby gear you have up for sale or those garden tools you use sparingly. And whatever’s left from your garage sale that you don’t want to take with you to the move, you can donate.

Prepare Moving Blankets

Many of the things you might have in your garage are sharp objects, sentimental things, or those that need a bit of protection. If you’re going to wrap every single item with bubble wrap, that can be expensive. A good alternative is to have moving blankets. 

It sounds fancy, but it’s really just any of those old blankets in your garage you haven’t used in a long time. You’re going to bring them with you anyway, so make the most out of it by using those blankets to wrap some delicate items in your garage.

Learn The Basics Of Packing Garage Items

In the third section above, you’ve already been made aware of the common garage items which are hazardous enough for you not to even consider packing them during your move. On the opposite end, however, there are those garage items you may want to take with you. For those safe, common garage belongings, it pays to know the basics of how to pack them correctly. By doing so, you can avoid accidents and mishaps during the unpacking process.

To start with, here are some of the basic guidelines you should know about packing garage items:

  • Disassemble bikes, if you can, but place each bike in one box. This will make the unpacking easier, so you also won’t have to look for each bike part, possibly misplaced.
  • Leave all smaller hand tools together in their toolbox. That way, you only have to seal and wrap the toolbox itself, and not each small hand tool.
  • Clean, defrost, and dry your chillers and refrigerators you may have been using for storage in your garage.

Final Thoughts

No one who has ever tried moving will ever tell you that they had fun packing up their garage. Moving, per se, is exciting and needs a lot of hard work; it’s just the packing part that’s totally going to be a pain in the back – quite literally. But it’s doable, particularly when you know how to go about with it. With a sense of order, you can pack your garage in no time, ready to move.

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