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The reasons behind a demolition can be many but the process is not very simple. Though it may seem like you’re just going to tear the house down to its foundation, it’s not that easy. Demolition is a stressful and intimidating process for sure, and a bit of preparation beforehand works wonders. If you are someone that’s planning to demolish a certain section of your building or take the whole thing down, this post will help you prepare for it.

Preparing a House for Remodeling

1. Hunt For a Demolition Contractor

A perfect demolition contractor can be a lot of help when it comes to taking down your house. Regardless of the size of your house, demolition should never be carried out without the right help. If you are not an expert in demolition, don’t ever take this matter into your own hands. Find a good demolition contractor to make the process a lot easier and stress-free.

Once you are on the search, you’ll find a ton of options. Go for a demolition contractor that has a good reputation in the market and many years of experience. Don’t be in a rush to choose a demolition contractor and remember to do enough research.

2. Get Your House Inspected

If you don’t want to be extremely shocked by the contingency budget after you’re done taking the walls down, an inspection before demolition is a must. If there is asbestos in the house, the crew for demolition will need to carry out some demolition by hand before the bulldozer enters the game. Older houses are most likely to have asbestos that should only be removed by professional demolition crew. Having the house inspected before carrying out demolition will prove to be very helpful as you move on to the next steps.

3. Gather the Permits

Remember to gather all of the permits needed before getting started with the demolition. You can get the permits in your local city hall and also consider checking out the government website of your city for more information. There is no general information regarding the permits you’ll need; it will depend on the laws of your state or city. Most of the demolition rules might include such things as noise, demolition hours, and debris disposal.

If you hire a demolition company for demolishing your house, the rules and laws will be taken into account and most of the permits will be gathered by them.

4. Disconnect All of the Utilities

Electricity, sewage, water and gas are some of the services and utilities that must be disconnected before beginning the demolition. Check all the services very carefully and make sure that they are not connected. Even a tiny flow of electricity or gas can cause huge danger during demolition.

Apart from that, it might also cause damage to the services around your area. The houses and buildings around the demolition site are also at risk of losing services like electricity. The request for termination should be sent in writing to the appropriate company 2 or 3 weeks before demolition.

5. Make Arrangements For Salvage

If there is any material that can be resold or donated, talk to your demolition contractor about recycling and reusing it. You can also find organizations that help in demolition of houses free of cost. Organizations that support homeownership do the demolition for you and salvage materials for others.

By opting for such a method, you are not only keeping the materials out of the landfill but saving yourself money and time. If you don’t choose to go for this option, discuss with your contractor about reusing any materials.

6. Get the House Taken Down and Take Care Of Further Stuff

The demolition could be done in a single day or it might take up to a week. The time mostly depends on the size of the house and other such factors. You can get an excavator to tear the entire house down and pack all of the materials in a truck. If you choose to carry out the demolition in this way, it’ll be done within a couple of days. But if you choose to deconstruct the house, either completely or partially, it will take longer.

When the demolition is done, immediately get started with cleaning the complete area. Get rid of all the debris produced by the demolition and leave the area clean. Just go step by step and don’t rush anything. The most crucial thing that can either complicate or simplify the process is the contractor. If the demolition contractor is a good one, 50% of the stress will be lifted off your shoulders. As a first-timer, demolition can be a little intimidating, so work with an experienced demolition crew and contractor.

We hope you found this blog post How To Prepare A House For Demolition useful. Be sure to check out our post House Demolition – Things You Need To Know for more great tips!


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