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Saving energy can be done in all shapes and sizes when it comes to a business. The costs of energy are always a major expense in any business. When you save energy, it is both a plus to the business and the environment at the same time. What more could anyone ask for? It’s just difficult to notice how much energy goes into the functioning of a business, so making adjustments to the small stuff like lighting, heating, and cooling results in big differences. Let’s take a look at some simple ways to cut costs and do well to the environment.

1. Go for Energy-Efficient Lighting

In order for operations to go as planned, business electricity has to flow and the place needs to be well-lit. This is probably the most middle school teacher thing in this post, but turn off the lights when they are not needed. Taking responsibility regarding simple stuff like switching off lights if there’s no one in the room can bring huge results.

Not only that, use LED’s ( light-emitting diodes) and CFL’s (compact fluorescent light bulbs), as they consume less energy.

2. Maintain Your Equipment

Keeping your business equipment regularly repaired and maintained will make it last longer. You are increasing the lifespan of the machines and enabling them to run more efficiently by taking good care of them which results in energy savings.

On this note, it doesn’t mean that you can keep machines working forever if you make necessary repairs and maintenances on time. Once a machine has served its purpose, it’s time for you to switch to a different one. If you choose to squeeze all its life out, remember that the machine will definitely consume a lot more energy as it ages.

3. Shut Everything Down

You should shut everything down if the employees will not be working for the next few hours or days. Every single piece of equipment from computers to larger stuff in your office runs on business electricity. It doesn’t require much effort; all it takes is a little bit of responsibility on the part of each employee.

Ask every one of them to shut down or put their systems into sleep mode when they leave the office. Inform them to switch off all the lights and other electronics while leaving the office. All of these things take seconds to do and end up saving a lot of energy according to the experts at

4. Let’s Talk About Process Heating

Process heating is the beast that takes up almost one-third of the energy consumed by a business. If you don’t know what process heating is, it is used for the production of industrial and consumer goods.

Energy saving can be accomplished in this area through various measures like installing waste heat recovery systems, ensuring proper furnace installation, controlling exhaust gases, installing automatic blow down control systems, and purchasing alternative fuels that have higher combustion efficiency.

5. Check the Air Systems For Any Leaks

Leaks are a level one hundred when it comes to energy waste. Finding and fixing such leaks result in amazing energy savings in a short amount of time. It is said that at least 20 percent of compressors output loss is caused by leaks. This technically means that leaks can end up demolishing your entire equipment in a short period of time.

In order to verify and fix leaks, it is very important for you to take air leak surveys. For minor leaks, ultrasonic detection equipment is most effective. Loose tubes, hoses, and worn out materials are some of the major causes of leaks.

6. Get Your Staff Involved

If you personally take the initiative to save energy in your business, you’ll end up saving a moderate amount. But having your entire team get into energy-saving produces a greater impact. Talk to your employees about how energy-saving can benefit your profits and the environment.

You don’t want them to do anything complicated; simple tasks like switching off their computers and the lights while leaving are enough. When 30 to 50 people do this, imagine how much energy you can save in one month and in a year.

7. Know When The Most Energy Is Used

When you have an idea of the times when your business uses the most energy, you can look into ways to adjust these. You should keep in mind that energy prices vary from time to time throughout the day. This way, you can plan out your business activity in such a way that you avoid the peak price times.

The peak period rates usually occur in the afternoon and the early evening. Try to carry out a limited number of activities that require much energy in these hours. This way, you can save a lot on your energy bill.

We hope you found this blog post How to Reduce Energy Consumption in Business? useful. Be sure to check out our post 5 Ways to Save Your Business Money This Summer for more great tips!


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