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According to statistics, 80% of the world’s trade is transported by sea. The maritime industry offers a variety of roles for different types of job-seekers. For example, the employment of marine engineers and naval architects is expected to grow by 4% by 2031. Working in the maritime industry can also provide you with new exciting experiences and give you the opportunity to travel the world. Moreover, many entry-level roles do not require extensive training.

Below, we have collected tips and recommendations for those considering a maritime career to help you make an informed choice.

Explore the pros and cons of maritime jobs

Working offshore has its pros and cons, so be sure to weigh everything before you make a final decision. Maritime jobs offer good wages, and if you work hard, you can move through the ranks much faster than if you had worked in some other industry. As you work on a ship, your living expenses are covered, you don’t need to pay the rent or buy food, so you can save what you’ve earned. And, most importantly, you can travel the world and see the new exciting destinations for free.

On the flip side, offshore employees work harder and have longer hours, so you can find such jobs physically and mentally exhausting. It takes stamina and discipline to succeed in a maritime career. Moreover, if it is important for you to be near your family and loved ones, you can find yourself homesick as you’ll be away for months.

Make sure that the maritime career suits your personality and consider all the factors listed above to choose the career you will enjoy.

Invest in a proper resume design

As you enter a new industry, you will need a professional resume that reflects your career history and skills specifically for this new field. You can rewrite your old resume yourself, but it is more effective to find a custom resume design company that can do it for you. A custom resume writing service creative professional can critically evaluate your experience, understand which of your skills can be an asset for a maritime career, and highlight the right qualifications.

If you are a new graduate or have no work experience, a resume consultant can help by showcasing your potential and willingness to learn which are essential to get an entry-level role. By having a strong resume at hand, you will find a maritime job much faster than if you had composed the resume by yourself and learned from your mistakes.

Choose a maritime career that suits you best

There are multiple maritime and shipping careers that you might be interested in. To make an informed choice, learn what each job entails exactly to understand if it will be a good fit for you. Talk to people in this profession to find out what they like about their job and what they find challenging. Some of the most popular maritime careers are:

  • Crew member – crew members are in charge of daily tasks on the ship. They load and unload cargo, maintain the equipment and vessel, perform such tasks as painting and sweeping, and help passengers as requested. To become a crew member, you don’t need extensive training, as there are positions with minimum requirements.
  • Marine engineer – these professionals develop and maintain engines, mechanical systems and other equipment on the ship to ensure everything works smoothly. They test and repair the equipment if necessary, and usually specialize in one type of the equipment.
  • Cook – if you enjoy cooking and are open to new challenges and adventure, then becoming a marine cook is your perfect career option. Cooks approve the recipes, prepare delicious and healthy meals for the crew and guests, oversee the procurement and maintain the sanitary standards.
  • Deck officer – deck officers oversee the safe navigation of the ship, cargo loading and unloading, and maintain the deck equipment. They also control the ship’s navigation, ensuring its security and stability.
  • Captain – this is a leading role on the ship, but with proper training and hard work, you can achieve this position. Captains are responsible for all operations on the ship, including maintenance, the ship’s course, and the safety of people and goods.

Learn more about land-based careers

If working in the shipping industry excites you yet you are not ready to spend long months away from home, there are plenty of land-based careers you might want to explore:

  • Shipping broker – shipping brokers provide third-party logistics services. They work as intermediaries between the ship owner and the customer. Brokers negotiate deals between the owners and charterers, maintain the records and ensure compliance with specific rules and regulations.
  • Port agent – these professionals ensure the smooth arrival and departure of the vessels in the port. They ensure that all customs documents and declarations are ensured timely, provide support to the vessel’s captain, ensure the compliance with port’s requirements and negotiate any work needed.
  • Maritime lawyer – maritime lawyers specialize in laws related to activities in the sea. They advise clients in business transactions, claim liability, interpret laws, and represent their clients if the case is related to shipping, seas and navigable bodies of water.

Consider a career in marine transportation

To build a long-term career in the shipping and maritime industry, consider enrolling in a maritime academy or getting a degree in Maritime Transportation. For example, marine engineers and naval architects are expected to have a Bachelor’s degree in marine engineering or a similar field.

Relevant education is essential if you see working in the shipping industry not as a temporary employment but want to have a lucrative career. For example, maritime academies offer such programs as facilities engineering, marine transportation, international maritime business, and maritime science. Upon completion of such an educational program, your chances for successful employment in the shipping industry will increase.

We hope you found this blog post on How to start a career in the shipping industry useful. Be sure to check out our post on How Outsourcing Helps Transportation and Logistics Industry for more great tips!

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